Nigeria Blames Libya Over Boko Haram Attacks

The Federal Government blamed Libya as the cause of Boko Haram insurgents in the country.

It particularly linked the insecurity challenges facing the country on the death of former Libya dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

The government added that most of the weapons used by the Boko Haram sect are imported from Libya.

Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Morro, said this in Abuja, when he received United Nations experts on Libya in his office.

Moro said part of the security challenges the country is currently facing generated from the activities in Libya.

His words: “Government believes that part of the problems that we have today, the challenges of internal security stemmed from the activities in Libya.

“It is indeed an open secret that even though, we did not share common border with Libya, arms and weapons have found their ways into Nigeria from that North African country.”

The minister, who believed that terrorism is fast becoming a global phenomenon, said with the death of Gaddafi, the first phase of Libya’s problem was over.

He assured the experts that Nigeria as a member of the U.N Security Council would adhere to any decision taken by the body on Libya.


  1. @Kola how much knowledge n evidence do you have to support your statement of a Nigerian General collaborating with the Libyans former dictator? This forum is for intelligent discussion and comments which are mostly supported by evidence, so bring your evidence please or you shot up. Omo buruku, agbalagba.

  2. Well minister, if your allegation is correct, did those weapons fly themselves into the country from lybia? where were the security agents especially the Nigerian customs? Or were they onlt trained to confiscate the strugling guys cars, clothing materials etc? this govt. in my mine, owes nigerians a lot of explanations.

  3. @sos. Don’t forget that among the Nigerian millitary Boko harams are also their, the thing that we can do as a great Nigerians with a great Nation that can solve this common boko haram menace in the country especially North is to pray, prayer is the master key of everything in this world.