Nigeria: Enough Of These Malicious Opposition Games!

Nigeria, ever since the birth of independence if I am not mistaken has always been on the dwindling side of the tunnel. Even when the nation became super rich as a result of the oil boom in the early 70’s, the government of the day couldn’t in no way control the excess revenue that came accruing to the nation, instead it engaged in so many recurrent expenditures, increased the salaries of civil servants that has today neither helped nor uplifted our developmental status as a nation and why wouldn’t the udoji’s commission forever remain in our economics textbooks? This downward trend since history has continued to be on the rise so much that one wouldn’t be wrong to ask if Nigeria has a bad karma when it comes to choice of leaders and dividends of leadership and even today this downward recession in government has continued to be even on the increase. To this end I would like to save us the extraneous content and back to the bone of contention that forms the crux of this piece.

Ever since the previous government that are held accountable for the present spate of our underdeveloped nature as a nation, the opposition that met the preceding government was nothing compared to the malicious and slurful manner in which the present opposition government have continued to bastardize every other single effort of this government in curbing the facets of developmental crisis that stares the nation in the face.

From my secondary school days I was able to learn that every government, however credible should have an opposition government that will serve as a watch dog on the government of the day in order to prevent it from over reaching its boundaries or betraying its campaign manifesto and oath of allegiance taken upon the assumption of office. A classical opposition government from all I was able to gather shouldn’t expressly or implicitly go to pray so that the government of the day would not achieve anything in order to see them take hold of power or even where they are able to achieve a little make it infinitesimal or pyrrhic. An opposition shouldn’t destroy the good face of the government of the day in the name of playing in accordance to the rules of an opposition government, for they would be overstepping their bounds and by extension break the same law they claim to protect.

If a coin is tossed up in the air for two parties to grasp when it succumbs to the gravitational pull, it is only customary that only one of the parties would have the day. In likewise manner, when different political parties contend for an elective post, electoral rules demands that only one should take the day and the other parties either accept the victory or express their grievances before formal institutions established for the purpose of determining the validity or otherwise of the election and when this is done, it should be done in the clearest of conscience and denial of the least of sentiments. In a situation where opposition parties return defeat in an election by leading a vendetta against the government of the day, then it should be careful and meticulous in embarking on these watchdog activities by making sure that this proverbial watch dog doesn’t lose its chains or stir up a political malady.

The opposition in any government should avoid engaging in extra-officio activities that tell on the character of the presidency thereby making him vulnerable to social stigma from the public who are always quick to run into conclusion from what they see as this may amount to slander at law. A locus classicus of this form of opposition depicted above is that obtainable in our present political atmosphere. The major oppositions of the government at the central level have ever since the conclusion of the April 2011 elections, gone all out in challenging the outcome of the election and since after losing out at the supreme court have sought every other medium in maiming, tarnishing and injuring the character of the present government an act that hasn’t helped both the leaders and the masses in any way but has only compounded our woes. They have continued to feed the unsuspecting masses with myriads of untrue statements in order to bastardize the government of the day, they have chosen to call a dog a bad name in order to have it hanged and act which has achieved only but one aim which is: stirring up and heating up the entire polity to the gains of those who prefer darkness to light. But then permit me to ask here to what gain? And I ask again, to what gain?

It’s not as though I am giving the Goodluck/sambo administration a pat in the shoulder for the way it has ran the affairs of the state so far, neither am I thanking them either for increasing the price of the petroleum motor spirit on the first day of this year in an economic opium tagged oil subsidy but I am only asking that our grievances shouldn’t be draped in sentiments and tailored along political reasons but rather national interest. What am I trying to say? I am only begging that our judgments against this administration to be guided with fair reasoning and not reasons too hard to be separated from selfish gains. If not for anything at least we all claim to be after one ultimate goal which is a better Nigeria for all and sundry so instead of bastardizing the government or going to party whenever it fails on a particular stride or endeavor, let us start offering our own assistance in kind to the administration. Instead of fixing the blame, how about we go fixing the problem?

After the 2011 presidential election and the victory of the PDP ticket, the acclaimed president on his speech to the nation, pleaded with his competitors at the polls to accept the defeat with a spirit of sportsmanship and also called them all to be a part of his administration. I can remember vividly where he asked the bigwigs of the other political parties to join heads with him in living up the dream of our heroes past as the job was too cumbersome to be done by him alone but to my greatest quagmire, no sooner had he completed the speech than his opponents went to court challenging his victory at the polls and even till today one need not be told that their activities have continued to be on the increase.

I never stopped admiring the candor and character of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, the erstwhile chairman of the E.F.C.C and he once again did live up to my admiration for him when he decided to partner up with this administration in addressing the problems bedeviling the oil sector, a move that has seen another feather added to his cap as a true nationalist and a friend of the state. The young man was among the little few who heeded the presidential call for a partnership in leadership. Instead of joining forces with others in using the powerful tool of the social media in robbing this government of every single credibility, he decided to relinquish his own quota in seeing this drift from nothing to nothingness nipped in the bud. Isn’t it how a true friend of the state should behave? You may save the answer; it will be a topic for another day.

It is always easier from the outside and a lot easier to rubbish another’s effort however monumental and I am not surprised to say but the least. But how well have we been able to remove the log of wood in our eyes before venturing to remove those strapped in our neighbor’s?

As much as we all have lost faith in this administration, we all can still give it a benefit of doubt and if we cannot, we should at least not join hands to make the state ungovernable to those saddled with the reins of power in order to gratify our selfish interest draped with a fiber of national interest and general good of the common man. History will bear us witness that no administration since the inception of this entity called Nigeria, has suffered the amount of social stigma already suffered by the Goodluck-sambo ticket. Even where the enemies of this administration has cornered the whole of the nation to almost a standstill scenario in an ethno-religious conundrum christened Boko Haram in order to make the country ungovernable for the duo, they have in recent times blamed it on the administration and even gone ahead to say the federal government is its greatest sponsor. They have labeled it as the fresh air it promised to offer during the campaign days a notion that is widely been accepted by the society who are always quick to dine with the opposition. I wonder what manner of government would go all the way in killing innocent souls who before now voted it into power a dilemma that has seen me tagging their argument as baseless, unsound, quite logical and a figment of their shallow imagination. Oh! What would they not blame on this administration in the name of opposition games even when it inherited all the problems from the so- called good old days?

Tongues have been wagged, tempers has been lost, series of names have been called on the Good luck- Sambo administration for failing to live up to its promises some two years ago a notion which I am not an exception to but to which I am also willing to see justice merged with  mercy in so doing. No one had an inkling of what the future would look like at the time of campaigns, there was no Nostradamus amongst us to tell us the impending problem that was to come and impede every single measure tendered towards nation building, no one knew before now that someday, the entire nation would come almost to a halt by the activities of the Islamic fundamentalists and the little few who knew and of course were part of the breeders chose to betray our national pledge to be faithful, loyal and honest. A situation that has forced the government into a political disdain, a situation that has gulped billions of naira that would have been used in the development of the nation, not even the removal of subsidy on petroleum could break the even. And even at that, still have little or nothing to show for the billions spent because fighting terrorism is nothing more than engaging in an invidious exercise where even when you are able to win the war, you cannot win the peace. We do not expect the government to perform some magic in seeing the conundrum contained because we are all adherents of one religion or the other that abhors all forms of exorcism in entirety more so, it is an act stirred up and sponsored by the so called opposition. I hope am not wrong though. At the end of the day, all the deficits accrue to the government of the day, while the opposition and the “enemies” of the state celebrate in style. And I ask again even though it’s in rhetoric: to what gain?

A good number may be deceived but not all can be deceived. If the present administration hasn’t performed any better thus far, I don’t want to blame it all on the man with the bow hat but rather elements in the nation who have sworn on their ancestor’s grave to rob this administration of any light of the day upon assumption of office. A bulk of the blame if we are to play the blame game should go to the political juggernauts who have continued to sponsor the activities of the militants either in cash or in kind to gratify their ego. The mere use of the social media to bastardize and incite this government wouldn’t solve our problems in any way. If in a bid to play along the rules of an opposition government in a classical democracy, we end up stirring and planting seeds of discord within the polity, then history and nature will forever hold us to ransom and the boomerang we cannot dismiss.

Let us all come together in unison since we pledge to the same anthem and foster measures while also rendering professional assistance to the torch bearers in government and together we shall deliver the Nigeria of our dreams devoid of militancy, corruption and every other social evil, for in my opinion no man knows it all and no man has it all. The science and arts of government is way too cumbersome and laborious compared to the art and science of literature and physics respectively Aristotle once said. Let us all come together and occupy our nation but not occupying it from the streets. Anti- party activities, enshrouded with selfish reasons and lubricated with sentiments would only get us all overwhelmed sooner than we had thought than later. God bless Nigeria.



  1. This is the best unbiased write up I’ve ever come across so far… The curruption in our leadership system is like a double egded sword.. This sword if not blunted from both edges will be continually used to cut off chunks of our unified existence and prosperity as a nation and if the whole of nigeria can look at this maTter as not a GEJ matter or PDP matter but as a matter that requires all stakeholders in the government and political scene.. I think the nearest future would be too far for us to start reaping the fruits of democracy…thanks!

  2. God bless you my dear brother. Some times I ask myself if we succeed in setting the country ablaze just to achieve our selfish end, what then is the gain. When we have desecrated the office of the President, who would want to sit on it. More painful that my fellow youths have resorted to hiding under the guise of social media to betray the home trainings that parents have tried so hard to give us. I like to associate with great minds like you.

  3. This writeup was very necessary! It shows that as a youth of this country, you are not ignorant of the situations! You’re accuracy and direct apprehension of noticing these aberations prooves you to be a delicate piece on the chessboard of our country’s future! Good work!

  4. A thought provoking and unalloyed truth revealing write up,we need God to intervene in the affairs of this country because those that were at the helm of affairs in the past and have turned themselves to tools and weapons of darkness and destruction,what record do they have to show that will justify them to be voted into power,their reward is waiting for them at the right place at the right time.

  5. Ά̲̣̥ lot of point in wat U̶̲̥̅̊ said except d part about boko haram halting the development of the nation.that is ά̲̣̥ big load of nonsense.did boko haram stop him from declaring his asset,tell him †☺ gather ά̲̣̥ collection of planes when d bristish PM is flying commercial n U̶̲̥̅̊ know dat d budget for this plane maintenance is almost d same as for the same aviation industry,told him †☺ buy 200 cars for ά̲̣̥ 4-day event,travelling abroad wit ova 100 people,not †☺ properly implement the budget.please explain dis †☺ ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥.