Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, Responds To Outrage Over Permanent Secretary Appointment

Following the widespread outrage over the appointment of the first lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan as a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State, Mrs. Jonathan has said she will be performing her duties as a Permanent Secretary but with no salary earnings.
Speaking through her spokesperson, Ayo Osinlu in an interview with Premium Times, Mrs. Jonathan said she will not be relocating to Bayelsa state to perform the duties of a permanent secretary, in line with her new appointment.
“She is on leave of absence,” Mr. Osinlu said. “She is not going to function in the office of the permanent secretary in Bayelsa state.”
Ms. Jonathan however, is apparently delighted at the appointment as her spokesman argued that she had no cause to publicly accept or decline the appointment.
“It is a civil service position,” Mr Osinlu said. “She is a staff of the Bayelsa state civil service.”

Mrs Jonathan will also not collect any pay for the office, Mr Osinlu said insisting that “It will be illegal for her to draw salary from the office.”
The president’s wife, who left the Bayelsa state civil service 13 years ago after her husband became the deputy governor of the state, was elevated to the position, usually reserved for senior civil servants.
However, Governor Seriake Dickson said he made the appointment in line with the constitutional powers conferred on his office because she was on “leave of absence” and not retired from the state’s civil service.

Premium Times


  1. Madam “Umblerra” u go school at all? Na apu full ya brain. Abeg go follow ya oga drink kai-kai! Go yonder make dem commot all the spare tire wey dey ya bodi. Go sidon abeg!
    Na wa for Bayelsa o! So na so so olodo full ya cabinet? Lol!

  2. This country is in deep shit man! What! How is this possible? I have said it that this will be the worst president ever! Now his wife is permanent secretary when they are other very qualified people here in bayelsa? And they are deceiving us that she won’t collect salary! Oh my nigeria you are finished why not she occupy herself wit the duties of being a first lady? She wants to chop from being first lady and chop from bayelsa also. I don’t blame her sha wen we said dickson was jonathan’s puppet people said we were biased now you can see wat is happening! Offcourse the man is trying to compensate his godfather….nigeria is a finished country

  3. Bayelsa govt. should stop runing the state like a family business. Na only Jonathan family dem keep naija money 4? The office of the 1st lady na major chopping 4 her already. Any, money no dey belleful. Imagine Obama wife 2 try dat kind thing. And Oga allow 2 go fall him hand like dis. 4 naija, anything goes.

  4. South south was not riped to produce a president and that’s why they have produced d most incompetent leader in Nigeria’s history. It’s a tip of d iceberg bcos his luck is yet to unleach d greatest terror/horror on Nigerians after, boko haram killings, increment of electricity tariffs, removal of fuel subsidy and lots of autocratic tendencies without recognition of d national assembly. He is an agent of punishment to Nigerians.

  5. God help this country. This is the highest point of psychopancy and a crass disregard for the rule of law which foems the fulcrum of democracy. The post of permanent secretary is not a political apponitment that every should just be appointed. Though the Gov reserves the right to approve the appointments of Permsecs, he has no power to handpick anyone from the street and appoint him that is the work of the civil service commission. This govenor is daft. Only a moron will mistake a privilege for a right. God save us from the hands of these animals.

  6. Spokes woman said she left Bayelsa state civil service 13 years ago,if she left 13 years ago then what qualifies or shows that she is still in service let alone deserve that position. GEJ has actually told Nigerians that his mission in ASO ROCK is not to serve or lead but to take as much money he can and punish Nigerians as much as he can,so my candid ADVICE to him is to do it quick coz one day is coming when his own day will be over.All the bad eggs and faceless worms eating up the vegetable will soon come to an end.I only cry for their so called wife who cannot advice their husband but when it happen the start looking for ppl that will help them in PRAYERS and FASTING,me I will not fast and will discourage as many as I can.SIMPLE

  7. Everyone now is complaining, but when Pastor Tunde Bakare was attacking and criticizing this administration some of us also taunted on him. Now each day makes it clearer to us that GEJ is not the president we need. SO ANY PERSON READY TO STOP THIS CORRUPT PRESIDENT AND HIS CABINETS SHOULD CONTACT US ON [email protected]. Let’s com 2gether & fight 4 d good of our beloved country.