Nigerian Invents Tablet to Compete with Ipad et al.

His name is Saheed Adepoju and he is 29 years old. He is the inventor of the Inye (‘Inye’ means ‘One’ in Igala Language), a tablet computer designed for the African market. Mr Adepoju has a background in software development and is a Sun-certified Java programmer. After doing a first degree in mathematics and computer science in Nigeria (FUTMINA), he completed another degree in advanced computing by research at Bournemouth University, in the United Kingdom.

In a chat with the BBC’s series African Dream Saheed talk about his invention: “The Inye is a mobile internet device. It gives you access to the internet; it allows you to play media files and watch movies. What we have is an 8-inch device, a device that is half-way between a laptop and a mobile phone,”

The tablet runs on the Google Android OS. Other specifications include: Screen: 8-inch capacitive touchscreen; Processor, 1Ghz; Connectivity, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth; I/O USB, micro USB, SD card slot (up to 32Gb), 35mm sound jack, HDMI, SIM card for 3G; Battery 5hrs; Storage, 8Gb internal, 16Gb in the box.

The company through which the tablet (which was first launched in 2010) was released is Encipher Group, a company he cofounded with web developer Anibe Agamah. The first 100 units of the Inye were built in China and, after receiving feedback from its users, a second version was launched in May 2011.

Part of the reasons why it is believed that the Inye will compete effectively with other Tablets in the market is its price which stands at about $350 (£225) as opposed to around $700 for an iPad. The product, Saheed has said, is designed for the African market. However, they have been having a few hitches with its acceptance: “We face the challenge of getting people to listen to the various propositions. We’ve been to a number of private investors and also to the government,” Saheed explained.

Source: BBC


  1. Good innovation. I am so glad that a Nigerian has done what the first class countries feels they can do alone. Congratulations my brother. If you need any assistance, please contact. Meanwhile, where can I buy one for my use.