Nigerian Muslim Society Says Christians Are Conspiring Against Muslims

An umbrella organization for Nigerian Muslims Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) has on Wednesday said that there is a grand Christian conspiracy against the nation’s Muslims.

The organization made the claim as a part of a reaction to rocket attacks on the Islamic School in Bukuru, Plateau State on Tuesday morning. The umbrella body said Muslims would leave everything to Almighty God.

JNI also asserted that Muslims were being killed around Gonin Gora, in Kaduna State, and accused the government of taking no cogent action at any level.

The group’s claims are contained in an email sent to SaharaReporters by its General Secretary, Khalid Abubakar Aliyu. The statement was titled “ROCKETS FIRED AT AN ISLAMIC SCHOOL IN JOS SOUTH L.G.C. OF PLATEAU STATE”.

The statement reads below:

“Following unfolding scenarios with respect to the rocket launching on the Muslim Community of Bukuru, in Plateau State by irate Christian community as reported to us, we make this release with pains and grief that such a thing is happening but [the] majority of media outfits in Nigeria and beyond are not airing it. It is manifest that there is [a] conspiracy of silence against Islam and the Muslims in Nigeria. However, we leave our affairs to Allah, the Most High.

“Nonetheless, we call on the Plateau State Government and by extension, the Federal Government under the auspices of JTF to be cautious and handle with utmost intelligence the issue of the 48 hour ultimatum given to the Fulanis to leave the Plateau. A second thought should be given to the matter and a more realistic and proactive mechanism that will ensure the protection of lives and properties (sic) on the Plateau should be aptly put in place, because with recent developments, there seems to be a deliberate attempt to expel the Muslims from the Plateau.
“Moreover, it is more apparent that the Gonin Gora settlement of Kaduna State has done more havoc to the Muslims in Nigeria and innocent travelers plying the road to and fro Abuja but regrettably, that has not called for any ultimatum to the suburb. Why the selective justice? Why are the Muslims in Nigeria manhandled. Why are the Muslims never given fear hearing in Nigeria?

“We make bold to say, that Nigerian Muslims are worried about unfolding happenings on the Plateau, Muslims are concerned about the killing of innocent lives at Gonin Gora and yet nothing practically seen ?????done by any tier of government. In the light of all the aforesaid, we pray that Allah, the Most High will forgive those that lost their lives, and grant us peace and tranquility in Borno, Plateau, Yobe States and Nigeria at large.”

-Sahara Reporters


  1. pure rubbish. who should cry foul more if not the christians. Am so sure that muslims body is based in the north. they should learn how to be a better people from the muslims body in the West. who is boko Haram fighting for.

  2. JNI should be ashamed of themselves…..the saying that “s/he that demands equity should come with clean hands” is seriously applicable here. So life is sweet for your fellow muslims but the continual attack on churches that has claim the lives of God-knows-how-many christian is not enough for you to react. You are complaining of Rocket fired at Muslim school…compare it with series of BOMB BLASTS that has been happening in Churches in Borno, Bauchi, Kaduna, Abuja, Kano, Kogi, Yobe to mention but few……. just put yourselves in the position of the christians and tell me who is conspiring against who,,,,sadists and hypocrites plus enemies of GOODLUCK whose eternal destination is the burning lake of fire…

  3. Churches had been burnt in all trouble prone States at the Northern part of the country and this Khalid M. Aliyu has never said anything about it. Who is fooling who? We can now see the religious conspiracy of the highest order. So, muslims can say this? This is arrant rubbish!!!

  4. For everyone, boko haram are not Muslims & never represents the Muslim umah (congregation). boko hram as also killed a lot of Muslims too in the north. Are they no Muslims in the un building and other that were bombed, the LGA chairman that was slaughtered in borno wasn’t he a Muslim, the police & members of jtf that has been killed by this sect are Muslims not among ? Boko haram is a common & public enemy to both the christains & Muslims. I would rather say the Muslims are at the endangered because they’re now seen as an enemy by the christain & they’re also killed by boko haram. It will be wrong & very unwise for anyone to say Muslims are the one killing christains, NO ! I repeat boko haram are not Muslims because no were in quran ever preaches violence or say western education is forbidden. The quran even tells us that no knowledge is wasted, seek for it no matter how it is. It also told us that to you is ur religion and to me its mine. No one is to be forced to accept Islam its against the teaching of the holy quran. This is contrary to the ideas of boko haram & automatically makes them none Muslim. So it is right for the real Muslims to complain if there’s a conspiracy against them cos we even reject boko haram as spoiling the name of Islam. Thanks

  5. Pls Xtians shld not mind these hypocrits. this is a cover up and a distraction from their evil plans. When the notorious sons of the the Devil ‘BOKO HARAM’ declared last week that Christians shold embrace islam else they will no peace. why did JNI not issue a disclaimer?

  6. They av evry damn ryt to protect d interest of d muslims….dis same JNI av in all manners condemnd d activities of Boko haram besides we the northeners suffered more in dis menace caused by boko haram…. Boko Haram has nothin to do wit Islam….they ar on thr own cos Islam is all abt PEACE, the Holy Qur’an has already made it clear (unto u ur religion and me to my religion)for dos of us dt cn READ!u ppl won’t just bliv it bcos u dnt wna hear d trut!!

  7. People of God and/or Allah

    We are all one made of the same fiber in our bones. There is no need for such aggressive behaviour. Satan or Shaitan fights against peace. Islam is indeed a peaceful religion so is Christianity. Do not let the demons enter your country and divide you. God/ Allah is love and if you are His children show it by love and forgiveness. Its a waste of time to pray if you cannot love your neighbor or fellow human being. Hell is hotter so stop the quarrels and pray to God/ Allah to guide you to His peace.

  8. Kash , study d Qu’ran as expected when it come to killing. Religion of peace? Pls read Qur’an 9:29. , pls kindly tell me any chapter or verse of d Bible where Jesus Christ ask His Disciples to fight and forcefully make some1 to humble. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principality n power against SPIRITUAL wickedness in high places!

  9. I never new that there grop like musilam communitys,that cam talk on the air,this shows that thay are all in support of killing christans. Becouse since the bombing church sterted thay never simpatise with christans not untill when grned bost in isilamic school and killed one peson thay came to air and voice out Thay did it and turn it agaist christans.

  10. Muslems r very stupid and useless ones, they r only but fools in the midst of chosen generation idiots. Infact, christians hv not done anything, u r crying when no one had not beat u. Very violent religion, ful of wicked and heartless people. It’s only in plateau state they were given 48 hrs to leave and they r complaining hw much more if east pass an autimatum of a day 4 them i wondered what will be their fate. Nonsense and rubbish religion.

  11. Martins, you called yourself what does christianity preach? Peace or holy ghost fire? Creating enemity between one and his or her relations. I read all the comments but the aggressive and insulting ones were made by the christians. I’m not suprised because that is the true identity of your worldly practice you called religion. Islam is the only religion of peace and tolerance. No one can stop it and no one can truncate the practices. If you doubt it try it for your plight and destruction. All what you vomited from your mouth, I can’t retaliate you because of your ignorable darkness.

  12. Tola,sam,alade(pig),martins n co… call it rubbish,confusn or anythng Muslims will nt come down so low to either retaliate or fight on this kind of rotten stupidity. all we muslims are sure of is the next life meaning if any muslim is killed in attack from CAN or Boko Haram,we muslims are happy 4 him knowing 4 sure he’s a matyre. bt d confused christians are in complete doom of their fate as they left the teachings of our holy Jesus n are afraid of death. so go on sing,dance n die, hell fire awaits wrong doers like u. Fake religion n waste of time in d name of christianity!

  13. Christians dont be disciv dt islam is a religion of peace open the quran to surah muhammed chapter 47:4 in dis vry passage muslims are commanded by allah to kill and smite the neck of anyone who does not accept the teaching of islam and i quote exactly as it is written in the quran so when u meet those who disbelieve ,smite necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then a bound firmly. And again in surah al-baqarah 2:195 the wealthy muslims and all those in high position of authority are told to use their wealth and many position they find themselves in to promote and cause jihad of all kinds or else they will face destruction from allah. SO ITS DAT D RELIGION OF PEACE U CALLED ? REPENT AND FOLLOW CHRIST JESUS

  14. Even wen a guy try to bomb a group a muslims last friday at a mosque in borno it was still reported as “islamic sect” we will end up fighting ourselfs in the name of religion in nigeria den we will all realise how cheaply we av fall for the people dat pland dis. Let’s just give it a second thought, sentiment apart!

  15. Christians should go away with ur so call religious, leave muslims alone, u have no clean mouth to abuse a muslims. Singin, dancing, clapping shouting is that how to worship God? All christians are radicals, u are calling ur self radicals to jesus. Jesus is not radical, dont be radical to him. Idiot.

  16. I hav gone tru al d coments posted on dis page… I am ashame of tins I see dis place… Our forfathers hav lived i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ peace and unity, bt I wounder hw little and upcoming youths tend to distroy dia future by being bias of religions… Y dnt evry one do wat he or she tinks ℓ̊Ƨ̷̜̩̌̋ right and wait for d judgement day, gosh am disapointed i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ wat am seeing here. Plssssss

  17. @papija,wots christianity,church,or pastor?is dat hw 2 worship God?mind u God is nt human dat u can deciev,y must u need smbdy 2 pray 4 u?we muslim ar equal in d sight of God,there is no special sit 4 d rich in d mosque as it is in church!cristianity can neva b compared 2 islam wen it cmes 2 worship God.clapin,singin,dancin,or send a thief abroad 2 go nd learn vacabulary in d name of pastor nd cme 2 deciev people wit english nd extort money 4rm his followers,ar dis wot u cal religion or worship d almigthy dat created u?habbah!dis is end time,its high tim u open ur eyes nd see clearly.mind u am nt provoked!

  18. Hypocrites: kash, you know that in islam there are close to about 5 sects in islam. Boko haram belong to one of the sects. Which of these sects’ members are the real muslims? You also said the Quran does not preach violence, but l have read it in the Quran that the muslims should kill the infidels and “the people of the book” (christians). Look, boko haram killing some muslims is diversionary and a cover up. It is to make us believe that their killing christians is not religious and not because a christian is the president of nigeria. Kash, l put before you that you are not being honest with what you said. Let us tell our members the truth and the truth shall free nigeria and us. God bless nigeria!

  19. Looking 2ru ol d comments posted hre i cn c dat we nigerians are in a desruptive nd confused state. We shld ol rememba dat our graves r diffrnt nd shal each b judged by our actions. Do nt judge a book by its cover. Its only 1 who doesnt knw nd undastnd d gr8 religion of peace, ISLAM,dat wil talk d way sme of u tlk. Allahu Akbar! Whosoever Allah sets on the right path no one cn lead him astray nd vice versal. May Allah guide us on the right path nd nt on d path of those who r lost. D tongue s a powerful weapon so i advice u watch wat u say.

  20. @Kaka, u ar very oblivious of d religion dn..cos I dnt knw wt dn is peace is u’r enjoined 2 force som1 (hweva u can) 2 submit 2 ur religion (wt dn is jihad?) n will b rewarded…
    @Ibaya, GBAM!!! Uv said it all
    I wonder y d muslims ar denying boko haram..
    True som muslims were accidentally killed in d process, buh it is obvious evn 2 d blind dat d target has alwayz bn christians…n datz y at som point, dere wuz alwayz killings in churches evry Sunday..
    Wen d churches in d North ar being burnt on steady basis,wt can u dumbheads deduce 4rm dat???
    Dey’re all hypocrites…..jst of varying degrees!!!
    Nw dey’re crying of injustice wen their hands ar filled with innocent blood

  21. I have only a word! Islam is but a cult with illetrates as the armed squad, the educated as the ritualists, and mohammed as the blood-sucking demon!!!! Y’all douchebags dnt knw what u have set for urselves and children children. DOOM!!!!!!