Nigerian politicians are very insane, They Kill Dreams – Richard Branson(Virgin Atlantic)

The rich international businessman, Richard Branson, has lambasted the crop of leaders we have in Nigeria for their high level greed which, according to him, is killing big brands wishing to do business with the government of the country, for the growth of Nigeria’s economy.

Below is the revelations by Mr. Branson on his experience in Nigeria…

The chairman of Virgin Atlantic said: “…we have virgin’s ill-fated footsteps by setting up a new airline in Africa in conjunction with Nigerian government…the details of the doomed attempts to crack the Nigerian market in the 2000s is better imagined…we put …together a very good airline-the first airline in West Africa that was ever IOSA/IATA operational safety audit accredited but unfortunately it got tied down to the politics of the country…we led the airlines for 11 years…

“We fought daily battle against government agents who wanted to daily make fortune from us, politicians who saw the government 49% as a meal to seek for all kinds of favour…watchdogs (regulatory body) that didn’t know what to do and persistently asking for bribes at any point…Nigeria people are generally nice but the politicians are very insane…that may be irony because the people make up the politicians…

“But those politicians are selfish…we did make N3billion for the federal government of Nigeria during the joint venture…realising that the government didn’t bring nothing to the table/partnership except dubious debts by the previous carrier, Nigeria Airways…The joint venture should have been the biggest African carrier by now if the partnership was allowed to grow, but the politicians KILLED it…Nigeria is a country we SHALL NEVER consider to doing business again..” is thus asking:
Is any Nigeria surprised why reputable companies (that don’t give bribe) are moving out of Nigeria to other countries where the leaders are more patriotic and do not earn millions every month while the masses earn N18,000 as minimum wage?


  1. Mr Richard Bradson has spoken the truth & its very unfortunate. How can we grow when those that are suppose to propel the affairs of the nation are stupidly looking for dubious ways to enrich themselves and their families. We do not need to wait fro the Lords intervention before we start acting. We need to stand up, and firmly against corrupt leaders, make strong laws that will discourage corruption at all level. China has the largest population of people in the world and the government is still able to control, regulate and monitor the activities of those in government. For Nigerians to accomplish this goal, it must first put aside every form of sentiment, religious, ethnic, regional e.t.c. Countries around the world are moving forward, while we either static or reversing. Its a terrible story to tell.

  2. Thank God that everybody is seeing who they are. Nigeria is a good and great country with good and hardworking people, but dubious and cruelled leaders whose aspiration is to ruin the future of the young generation. May God answer our prayers by eliminating the wicked among us who never want to repent. Everything about Nigeria’s government is engrossed and painted with corruption colour. They are killing innocent people under the disguise of boko haram so as to capitalise on that to defraud our common wealth. As far as my knowledge of study and investigation is concerned, there is nothing like boko haram but PDP’s distraction and economic destruction. All of them will never go scot free insha Allah.

  3. Hhahahahaha your right, but we Nigerians are use to it, when am in Nigeria I can’t breathe properly but now I thank GOD that am out from that hell, I just thinking of moving my mother out of that hell, may god help that country, were going back forward I think that is Nigerians politicians goal, they are archiving it.

  4. when I read stories like this somthing get sick inside of me…a friend of mine that just came from ghana witness how nice their servic is in terms of facilities and cost but here our politicians put us in continious wahala by demanding for all sort of free incentiv and making biz so hard 4 this popl….imagin all federal and state politician runing a free MTN line…it doesnt happen any whrer

  5. The only cause is that no Nigerian politician believes in this nation. They are in their respective looting positions only for their pockets while waiting for whatever may befall the nation. Can anybody tell me of any Nigerian politician that is not guilty of this their stock in trade (even Yar’ Adua of blessed memory) – unlimited looting. Issues of the last 4-5months attests to this. I put it to all Nigerians that no Nigerian politician has the guts and moral standing to stop this wicked act against the nation.

  6. @Emmanuel: u’re skeptical about the write up being Richard’s words. Who cares? Are U a Nigerian at all. Even foreigners know only too well that every word in that article is true. If no be Richard write am, that one na small ting nah. Sebi he will come out and deny it and maybe even sue the publishers. What we should all be concerned about is how to TAKE this country back from those demons called Nigeria political leaders as Reeal as rightly noted. We need to do something now. Worse can not even begin to describe where we’re heading now.

  7. I made a mistake voting based on sentiments for GEJ. I’m a Yoruba guy who thought GEJ would at least do something.But it’s clear he can’t do nothing-he is part of them.Even his wife was asking for entitlements @ her swearing-in ceremony in Bayelsa.She’s even quarrelling with Turai Yar’Ardua on a parcel of land that earlier (not originally anyway) belonged to Turai…. Perhaps,it’s time to vote for Buhari,who hopefully will fare better that the rougues we “voted” for.

  8. its all a shame that peeps are still living very hard when we can easily afford to cater for all these poor people. the nija people should try take the country back from these old folks and let the younger generation lead coz i think they will do a better job

  9. I dont want to belief that this is the Nigeria our Fathers and teachers told us.Corruption is now the Largest industry having largest employee in Nigeria.Brandson speech is true and is a fact.Just Imagin our first lady who bought 200 cars at the rate of #13.8M each for hosting first Ladies across Africa in a ceremony that only lasted for 3days.Is that money not enough to alleviate at least 500 nigerians from poverty?.I ‘m now tired of praying for this country.The best thing to do if you want peace is to go for war .I think we should fight for our human right by force.The kingdom of Nigeria is sufering from corruption,because we refuse to take it back by force.

  10. The problem of naija is of politics quiet alright, but worse even people who can read but decided not to read, again make it even more worse when people like @ emmanuel who can actually read and over-read out of tune of positive issue and turn it around to be negative, actually this nation is at the Mercy of people who seriously have nothing to give but continue to take .

  11. Hmmm,
    well said,well written but pls don’t compare Nigeria to Ghana my dear friends cos i leave there as a matter of fact Nigeria is better than Ghana in a million ways but Power supply.
    We need to stay fight corruption from the Ground all the way to the top.SUG,LG,SG,FGC,Private Organization,Media houses are all filled with corrupt people.

  12. Nigeria is a country bless with milk and honey but with BAD leadership,our politician went out to represent there selfish interest not our political will as a nation am not surprise with the comment of sir richard branson . The only country in thw world without a national carrier.they will all die in shame

  13. Are we going to fold our hands and watch evil things happening in our country.Our leaders are corrupt.we need to wake up and fight against corruption,humiliation,bribery in institutions and companies.the question now is,when will our country grow,who is ready to speak?

  14. too much english; nigerians make una do something now or never. nothing for life just de happen on their own, ‘ na force de make anoda force move’
    WHERE ARE THE GOOD, DECENT AND HONEST INTELLIGENT YOUNG ONES WITH PASSION TO LEAD? THEY’VE SHUT THEIR MOUTHS. Support anyone you know has what it takes to effect a change in the political system, rather than sit out there criticizing; it doesn’t work that way. As a young politician pushing into the circle for a change; i find it so difficult to even get the support of those that initially encouraged me to get onboard; they just wouldn’t part with a penny from them. Funny enough those with questionable xters get more funding than us…..SAD!
    My conclusion is let us form a united front to cause this long desired better nationhood.

  15. Hmmmm… Am tired of this indicisiveness by our leaders. And for the masses, there’s no much difference b/w you and the so-called leaders who just talk without action. “ACTION IS LOUDER THAN WORDS” Fight to protect the rights n interests of the Common Man, that’ll be a fine fight. Do not fight to divide the country into parts which will end well. We’re one Nigeria!