Oba of Benin Prayed For Oshiomhole’s Victory

Winner of the Edo State governorship election Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was at the Oba of Benin’s palace to show him his Certificate of Return and also to thank him for the support he received from the revered traditional ruler and his subjects.

“I am very glad to be able to address you publicly today the way I have been addressing you privately while praying for your Excellency’s second term. We have watched what you have done, like the press is saying that your handiwork is going to campaign for you.”  Omo N’oba Erediauwa told Oshiomhole on Wednesday.

“I prayed to my ancestors for you too, and everybody has seen what you are doing for the people. Some of the roads that were left undone, we have seen what you have done everything. And of course, not only Benin Kingdom but in the entire state in terms of infrastructural developments going on.


“The last time you came, I prayed that you come back to complete the unfinished business. As one of my chiefs was praying, he added in his prayers that God and the ancestors should provide you with wherewithal to carry on with your infrastructural development and do more.

Oshiomhole assured the Oba that he was ready to continue his urban renewal project in the state capital, and leave a legacy that anyone coming after him would not but carry on with.

He said, “I have obligation to deliver on welfare to the 18 local government areas so that our people can sustain the unity of purpose that they have demonstrated by the way they have voted. We are ready to apply ourselves in full and to creatively manage the resources of Edo State to improve on the quality of life.

“Let me assure Your Majesty that the great Bini Kingdom will receive accelerated development. I will devote huge resources to continue to address our urban renewal programme to restore the glory of this great kingdom, reclaim the moat which I know is dear to your heart as one of the legacies and indeed one of the unique features that distinguish Benin from the rest of the cities in Nigeria.

“We will complete our agenda at Ovonramnwen Square, as well as the Ramat Park. We will build a new Benin City, a complete new layout so that your majesty’s subjects who wish to build in any part of these areas will access them with ease, We will build a city that is planned with all the features of a modern city.

“The only way I can reciprocate the uncommon support that I have received from the people of this kingdom is to apply ourselves, over the next four years in a way that in the end, people will be able to appreciate that the trust, the confidence was well placed.”


  1. Adam oshinomole is a hard working man, bcos during his 1st tenure he transformed all d benin’s kingdom areas lik provisions of water, steady electricity supply. What he did was so enormous 2 count . He is one of achiever’s team.thxs his execellent 4 his victory.

  2. May God be with you Adams. You are a true leader the people of Edo state, Nigeria and the world at large require for economic development. Please, don’t disappoint us like Goodluck jonathan. Jonathan is a great disappointment to south-south and he has already stamped the future of our youths to be trusted for sensitive position like president in Nigeria. Adams, you have to work hard to redeem south-south from jonathan’s mess.


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