Oyo Lawmakers’ Wives Harassed In London

Public angst against the London trip of wives of Oyo State legislators has spread to London, where irate indigenes of the state living in the British capital stormed the Custom House London hotel, where they were lodged, to protest their stay.

The 31 women, who were led by Speaker of the state’s House of Assembly, Jumoke Sumonu, were in London to attend a workshop on how to support their husbands for effective performance in their legislative duties.

The trip has generated public anger and criticisms, as it was funded with state funds, allegedly to the tune of N50 million, with stipends given to the women for shopping.

According to online media network, newsbreaknigeria, Oyo citizens resident in London, who got wind of the jamboree, staged a peaceful demonstration, vowing to occupy the venue until the women left town. They were said to have rained curses and abuses on the lawmakers and their spouses for allegedly wasting “the scarce resources of the state”.


Sumonu, who headed the delegation, was reported to have called in the London police when it became obvious the protesters were not ready to shift ground. The police, on arrival, appealed to the protesters to disperse. The protesters reportedly left the hotel after police persuasion.

Locally, there have been wide condemnations of the state government’s sponsorship of the programme, with the Zonal Publicity Secretary of the party, Kayode Babade, querying the constitutionality, justification and relevance of the trip .

The state’s PDP group through Dotun Oyelade also expressed misgivings over the trip “at a time thousands of indigenes have lost all they have and most structures in the state under severe stress”. The Speaker in an interview with yet another online journalist, Kola Ogundamisi, defended the training programme, which she admitted also had sight-seeing component during the weekend.

She described as false claims that the hotel was booked for 10 days, or that each room cost £100, adding that a room cost £75, while two women were paired in a room. Sumonu said no principal officer of the house was involved, while she was the only legislator on the trip. Dismissing criticisms, she said: “Oyo is not the only state doing this. Some other states had been around before.”

She said the various media attacks as well as invasion of the hotel by Oyo indigenes in London have made her apprehensive because the wives of the legislators were already jittery, just as many of them said they were no longer interested in the programme.

According to her, “everywhere in the world, leaders get paid from public funds; the only thing is to ensure that money is judiciously spent.” Asked whether it would not have been more judicious to hold the course in Nigeria, Sumonu brushed the suggestion aside, saying many Nigerians, especially those in Diaspora, like to run good things down.

Source: Sun Newspapers


  1. Do you know what is killing Nigeria? The first lady of a thing, its our/their time of a thing. My Simple question is this, what do you think those liability housewives have to offer to their legislathief husbands to improve their legislative duties? Whether its PDP or any other party, they are all the same thief people. I weep for my dear country Nigeria.

  2. So the workshop or meeting cannot be held in nigeria. That they have to spend 50million naira! U know this women are one of the major problem nigeria is having. They are spending 50 million naira, is it that all the roads in oyo are perfectly okay? Or is it that,all the oyo citizens are now so rich, that they see no need to be provided for,with some certain amenities.they are spending 50 million naira,on a stupid travel trip, while we have orphans,unemployed youths who can barely afford 3 square meals a day.Nigerians! Do this people think at all? Those 31 women are selfish and greedy! They are bad wives to their husbands.

  3. This is Ajumobi fraudulent spending of Oyo state funds, this is a governor claiming he want to sanitize the civil service by sacking people who voted him in without replacing them with equal number of workers sacked. He could not pay a living wage to workers, he sacked workers so that they will have enough money to mis-manage. I will not be shocked if he ends up like Akala. Can Ajumobi talk bad of Akala anymore?

  4. After exposing these greedy lawmakers wives to the beauty of LONDON the next thing will be how to encourage their husbands to steal money so that they can acquire properties overseas.

  5. No wia to run to Nemesis waitn 4 u al d cald ursef 1st Lady or 2nd Lady or wat eva u wemen kal ursef bt guy lyk us dnt kia to kw any fin.MITCHEEEWW

  6. I’m trying not to be to sensitive here, buh d moment a Nigerian woman leads nigeria or any state, it’s doom for them… Nonsense!

  7. Well… so the cat would be let out of the bag eventually. In the Nigerian parlance, nothing is so bad in sending some 31 women to London from such a poverty ridden state like Oyo State. Nearly every state in the country does it, so why not Oyo State? At the national level, children and spouses of Ministers, lawmakers, their servants, maids, maiguards, girlfriends, manfriends, womenfriends, houseboys, drivers, favorite dogs, goats, rams, cats and other pets enjoy all these things at government expense. Oyo State, being peopled by cynical people raised their eyebrows at this tyranny not because they’re just being aware such thing happens but because they’re now getting tired of rubbish. It’s high time other states join in condemning these jamborees as they’re clear cases of waste of public funds.


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