PDP Youth Promising to Take Nigerians to Promised Land!

Information has it that the youth in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under the aegis of the ‘PDP Youth Circuit’ have written a “public letter” to youths in other political parties as well as “Social Network Political Activists (SNEPA), stating their intention to move Nigeria to better heights, somewhat acknowledging the failures of their seniors.

In the said letter, they were reported to have said the following, among other things: “We have already decided where we want our country to go. We will take our country to the Promised Land through our clarity of vision, pragmatism, creativity and patriotism… We must begin a new era of respectable disagreements based on what can put food on the table for our people, educate their children and create 21st century jobs”

They are therefore calling on all youths in all political parties to “look closely at the plans and actions of the PDP Youth Circuit under the umbrella of the new Leadership of the PDP and see for themselves that a new PDP truly beckons.”

The group which has no apparent website, has a facebook page with only 18 fans, therefore the real source of the letter is yet to be confirmed by Information Nigeria. However, the letter, which appears in bits and pieces online was signed by the following individuals: Lai Labode (Chairman of the PDP Youth Circuit), Uche Chuta, Ohimai Godwin Amaize (Special Adviser to Minister of Sports), Debie Mangut, Tomi Araromi, George Enema, Prince Adetunji Adeyeye, Nnaemeka Enejere, Huraira Mohammed, Gbenga Sobowale, Nanven Mohammed, Claire Arinze, Sola Oyekanmi, Usman Yaro, Gbenga A. Falaiye, Ojugo Onyeluka, and Taiwo O. Adepoju.


  1. Who for God’s sake are these so-called PDP youth circuit? How can they dissociate themselves from Ali’s son, Tukur’s son, Dimeji Bankole and other thousands of youth in pdp that have been tutored to steal our commonwealth by their old folks.What we need is a total revolution of power out of the strong grips of the pdp. Nothing good can come out pdp in this country.

  2. Who are the so called Pdp youth circuit? Perharps they should be called ” Elder son” who the warning of Awolowo has not any effect in them, remember Awolowo said ” the ship of Nigeria is to hit the rock and the elders should prevent the spread of corruption to the youths” Now, there is a clear transmission and transfer of the corruption to the youth. It has diffused to them and now YOUTHS are the CORE of corruption. PDP ELDERS SON! As i will like to call you, here this, we are no more voting for parties, but personalities.

  3. THINGS FALL APART (Chinua Achebe) when we stupidly follow the course of those who have selfish interest in mind. Must this youth come under the umbrella of PDP. Nigerians are not fools & God knows we are tied of them (PDP). Independent & undiluted transparent candidate is the key to our transformation.