Photo: Actress Susan Ekwe’s photos cause media lamentation

A lot of media lines and social networks have one negative thing or the other to declare on seeing these photo shoots Susan Ekwe released. Over time Nigerians have begged the celebrities of this present day to preserve and conserve our moral and cultural beliefs, despite the dynamic flux in the fashion world. Could we say Susan is keeping up with the plea?







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  • D world is coming to an end & she is one of the devils messengers,it is very obvious even if she tries to deny it.

  • One day, she will look back and regret posting this pix! Don’t know what is wrong with some ladies.

  • She has revealed nothing but her despiration,madness & gross lack of moral values.Her children will live 2 see these pictures-if she gets them eventually.

  • Abeg free d girl u hypocrites pointing ur fingers she’s in show biz and hasn’t xposed anything or ru all blind. What did u all see.

  • am not in support of posting half naked pix on the internet coz someday u might just look back and wished u hadn’t BUT “you only live one (YOLO) enjoy ur life to the fullest i say…

  • Although we are in a free world but I want to warn everyone within the reach of this message that they should beware of devil incarnate that lure people into immorality, Susan Ekwe is one of them.

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