Photo: Kanye west deletes D’Banj from Magazine Cover

The members of the G.O.O.D. Music Record label recently covered Complex magazine.  Unfortunately, Nigeria’s own D’Banj was not included on that cover.

EverywhereNigeria had the following to say about this act done to our very own celeb:

‘Many may use this as an opportunity to laugh at D’Banj, but I think that we should all take this as a lesson.  With the way that D’Banj is being treated as second rate in America, one must really ask, was it all worth it?  He was a respected king in Nigeria.  He had a beautiful family with Mo’Hits, why did he throw it all away? All in the name of Americanizing. Nigerians, be proud of who you are, be proud of where you come from, and remember to never hold anyone above you.  Americanizing yourself does not necessarily mean that you are BETTERING yourself.  Instead you are only making alterations.  Alterations that you find out are not needed.  Hopefully many of us can learn from D’Banj instead of learning the hard way. Be a king in your own jungle’. 

But looking at this case critically, informationnigeria gathered that the Koko master was not left out in the inside cover, and this is one area where one gets very logical about how Nigerians tend to take half information and neglect the other part. Even though our own celeb didn’t make the cover, as not everyone would have been able to make it, he was not left out in the list of those that made the inside cover, stamping his membership in the house of GOOD MUSIC. The Koko master is at the left bottom.


  1. Can we just let d sleeping dog do her rest if it can’t lay properly. In life der r stages, even in d step of d mason Good music belong 2 a certain step, so d’banj ought to know where he also belong. He just got recruited. KNOW YOUR RANK.

  2. 1st of all Dbanj has not released an album with GOOD MUSIC he is the newest member there, even Mr Hudson who has an album nd has even been featured in my GOOD MUSIC songs was not also featured on the album, Teyana Taylor as well. so you guys should get ur facts right b4 u start publishing. i know journalism is about getting the news across but dont loose ur sense of dignity.

  3. Nigerians can be so petty wallahi. I don’t see any case in this,there were other numerous artist there before him,some whose faces weren’t there @ all,atleast he was even featured inside d magazine. Its high time people mind their businesses n let sleeping dog lie. D’bang didn’t complain to u people,u don’t expect him to live a mediocre life he needs to move forward n seek greener pasture. All he needs right now its our support. Tomorrow when he becomes an Int’l celebrated artist Naija wiLl start claiming relationship.

  4. This sounds funny…my nigga d’banj is good buh pusha t hasn’t made much impact here in America so who is d’banj to grace the one knows him here even when he came to a regular club in newyork,no one knew he is only a king in Africa….joinin good music doesn’t change anything so y guys should be crazy he joined kanye!!!

  5. Must he b on d cover?dis is foolish information,u haters cant bring d banj down hes gone already,he remain african living legend cos he has made intnl.collabo easy for al african artist.d banj is everything in african music industry.

  6. I take Almighty God beg u pple make una leave dbanj alone why is it that u pple want to bring dis guy down God done bless dis dbanj,why don’t u write something about donjazzy maybe u pple are paid to destroy dbanj,whoever is against him should also know dat dbanj is a human being like every other artist on mo-hit label so write something good about dis guy.

  7. Nigeria newsdesk should stop campaign against dbanj,u write something bad about oyato,u also write about somebody embarrassing dbanj with his necklace now is about deleting dbanj from magazine habaaa wetin d guy do u pple una no dey rest ever since d mohit breakup u pple no dey write something good about dbanj.make una remember say God dey ooooooo.

  8. Seems to me majority of Nigerians are hoping and waiting for Dbanj to fail,while I don’t agree with the way he and Don Jazzy split,I wld never wish for another mans downfall. I’m into artist and Brand promotions,and I see a lot of upcoming artists who start off together,but as soon as the money and fame arrives,they treat each other like complete strangers. We as Nigerians shldnt look for approval from anyone else,except from our own….pin:21BB8342. Or 08063258075

  9. @PGKing great comment from you bruv but I see no reason why you shud use this medium to advertise ur pathetic self. Are you expecting D’Banj or Kanye to sign you up with the group or what???
    Besides, girls are wiser these days… Am sure you know what I mean…

  10. who wrote this crap clearly don’t know how to read or going all out to mis-inform the public… D’banj and John Legend and so many other GOOD music stars did not appear in the interview so why the fuse??? this idiot failed to understand that Complex Magazine is an Hip-Hop magazine focused on MCs… also D’banj is d dude in d bottom left corner in black hood not far from John legend and his name is in the list of GOOD music. Cruel Summer cant wait!!!!

  11. I guess there is no more competition in nigeria …he keeps. Being the kind ..winning the same awards …being ‎​​a local champion,do the same yearly .this is ‎​​a right and ‎​​a right direction he as to upgrade is weight from feather weight champion to heavy weight champion just like the sport of boxing,like football flying eagles to supereagles, if you win the priemerhip 20 times it means nothing to you if you want to win it 21st ‎​time ….. the best idea is focuse on been the europe champion not the local champion ..right step and right direction .why are they not criticizing psquare …dbanj initiates idea other people follow and they start been jealous….i know kokomaster is working very hard to still buttress is crown in nigeria…cos he was derailed when he broke up with his former clique……plssss don’t criticize him embrace him …..look at 2face …just in nigeria …not upgrading……local champion….in this life have to ​be global ..that is why zukerberg facebook crooner is global .., billgate is global ..common stop using your bad hand to writeup rubbish as they way your thinking should ​be ..cos that’s why you are still like that..i began to love dbanj ..when he started rolling with kanye ..i hate him before i and My ffriends use to fight ‎​​a thug of war ove tufface and dbanj..i begigining to like dbanj ..lifestyl ..his story of success and his music ……well done kokomaster

  12. Wow! Am So Happy to hear this from my mate in support of ds shit abt dbanj,all I could say to the Haters is (D’BANJ YATO) cos you can neva find anyone beta then him,forget abt gud music wen it coms to dbanj but you will move to yur feet en enjoy life whenever you listen to his song,So go hate him for is he but try to understand dat mavin’s no he already got d fame en money. Listen to OYATO once more. Follow kokoboiz on twitter my ppl!