Photo Of Churchgoers Queuing And Getting Searched In Abuja

As a result of the incessant bombings of Churches by the Boko Haram terrorist group, Churches in the Northern part of Nigeria have resulted to various means to check the trend, these include the employment of private security firms and now as can be seen from the picture below, asking churchgoers to queue and subjecting them to vigorous body searches.


  1. This is not how is should work. But I still believe that Allah will expose them, i feel for the Christians and those that are lost their life both Muslims and Christians. But FGN and the medial should help us to solve the issue of Boko Haram. Peace with you all

  2. @Babalola Olamilekan u tuk lik dt bcos u hv never been to Northan part of Nigeria. Bomb can be put into d bag even inside Bible as well. So pls dnt insult Nigeria security. We dt we are in d North we knw wot we are facing.
    @Taofik tnx for ur coment ure one of d reasonable muslims bt majourity of Northan muslim are VAMPIRE. Killing of christians is wot maks dm happy. Make God help us

  3. bomb can come in small package that one cannot even predict, @babalola, u are right, our securities are jokers; why not bomb detector be used to track bomb kilometer away? God help us…….


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