PHOTO: What a Wrestler did to Michelle Obama.

The wife of the president of the United States-Michelle Obama’s visit with members of Team USA left them inspired, but one wrestler gave her a lift.
Elena Pirozhkova, the 5-foot-5 wrestler, picked up the 5-foot-11 first lady.

“I hugged her, and then I asked her if I could pick her up. I think she was nervous. I went slow. I just picked her up. I wanted to ask her permission. There was security all around. And she gave it. I will only meet her once. I wanted to do something different.”

Michelle Obama is the head of USA Olympic delegation to London Olympic, 2012.


  1. Americans live in d real world,we live in a mirage kind of world here in Africa. Public office holders profess they love the citizens but seldom demonstrated.

  2. theres a joy in my hearth seing this, it shows love.,peace,and happyness in the air.God bless america bless obama and the wife.

  3. No nigerian leader’s wife wld b so humble, even a councillor’s wife tinks she’s a god. Here, such a gesture wld b regarded as disrespect. God, help us, grant us humility.

  4. No 9ja 1st Lady wl b so humble or kiarin,even the wife of a local Government chairman she wl think she is a God. Here such pleasantry wl b regardd as no room 4 justice

  5. We all love this n I too love this bt tryin to compare this wit our first lady is totally out of place,we should never ever compare USA first lady wit ours neither wit any other person in life.

  6. This just shows that women in the US, including myself, do not consider ourselves to be better or more privileged then any other woman or man. There actually are honest, good, humble and loving people here and I know there are the same in Nigeria. Just because our first lady allowed herself to be basically human and not to good or not think she was a God and untouchable, does not mean we are a bad Nation! It shows we are just simply normal human beings! I consider all humans are equal!!

  7. Curses be upon our rulers. May they all rot in the bottom of hell.
    Look at the white man; so powerful yet so meek. Shame on all our political rulers…Dear God, pls deliver us from this evil rulers plaguing us in this country.

  8. Wao, this is it, nigerians are so fool or is it full of themselves, they carry themselves with so much pride, and that is y they achieve less. The energy u use in lifting ur ego so high can b put into meaniningful use. Nigerians, wake up especially does that call themselves office holders


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