Photos: 43 year old lady looking 16-Japanese secret of eternal youth

MASAKO MIZUTANI is a Japanese model and housewife and even though many will bet that she is just 16, she is actually a mother of two and is aged 43! Yeah, she is now a supercelebrity in Japan, Korea, China and other nations in the Far East and she even has a new nickname: Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth. She has never had a plastic surgery.

Well, she has revealed a few of her secret tips:
She spends up to five hours a day for her beauty routine, paying special attention to her skin. She advises:

-Eat natural, fresh and healthy foods. (Ok now)
-Take balanced meals in small portions 4 times a day (in Nigeria?)
-Take lots of water to clear the toxins in the system.
-As you get older, apply older make-up (I hope Sisi Caro is listening o…lol!)
-Use Vitamin E-fortified creams to make your skin soft and supple (I have to start saving money for Venus!)
-Use sunscreen before entering the sun.
-Stick to a toning and moisturizing regimen every night before sleeping (really?)
-Regular exercise, adequate sleep and NO SMOKING. #gbam!#


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