Photos: Gov. Peter Obi Builds Multi Billion Naira Shopping Mall In Abuja

Presently on the verge of breaking the internet loose is the angry noise of the Multi Billion naira Shopping Mall built by Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State right in the heart of Abuja. It is way beyond comprehension as most reactions claim, why the Governor had to install such a massive edifice that is way more exotic in aesthetic than most of the structures in his own state.



  1. @chika, u are very very foolish with that comment, we are telling you that so called Mr. Obi is embezzuling our money without explanation and you are there talking nonsence, why not be silent untill we finish with him,dont you know that he is not paying Water Board and other parastaters for years now where is the money? just remove political sentiment in this matter, anywhere ……

  2. Tank God he’s using de money in building such tin in d country orders re building such properties in oversea,wit our money.which is lost 2 d [email protected] even if de state gvment ask him 2 refund bck d money such building will generated revenue 2 d state.

  3. if is true that Governor Obi build this Shopping Mall in Abuja is very good because I know that 50 to 100 Nigerian’s will gain job from there and end their salaries every month to help their families. I am always against people that move money out the country instead let them use it to build something positives so there will be more job opportunities in Nigeria so graduates and undergraduates that have no job will gain work from there and help their families too and it will also reduce more begging and borrowing including stealing in the country.

  4. I hope he will be able to manage it with all the Boko Haram, NEPA and water wahala. Good job Governor for not stealing to buy properties in Europe and America.

  5. Is this shopping mall meant for him or for the state? If for the state, it does not matter where he builds it to generate both income and job opportunities. but if it is for him, well, while we do not encourage stealing public fund, it is better he built it in Naija rather than siphoning it abroad. An Anambra biz man that he is.

  6. I am delighted to hear dis, i pray dat other governors will emulate Mr Obi so dat, d level of profligacy in Nigeria will be minimazed. Kudos to Mr Obi nd his family.

  7. And he couldnt put this in his own state? what a shame! This clearly proves Mallam El Rufai correct in his assesment of the governemt of anambra state.

  8. peter obi have proved his greed with this,, he should have built this in his state or maybe he is ashamed of our Anambra State… We don’t have good roads nor bweuriful things like that,, Shop Rite was built in Enugu State and d indigenes are proud of it… Peter Obi should better start doing something good for Anambra State,, we need to develop.. He should start with d highways/express, education, electricity, health and many more.

  9. It is alleged that you are building multi-billion naira shopping mall project located at Kado, Abuja. Is it true?

    Gov. Peter Obi: A very good question you asked. Number one is no, I’m not building one. I used to be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Next International (Nigeria) Ltd. Next is a foremost ground management company in the country. If you go to Next’s office in Apapa, they own the office since 1991. Their warehouse is bigger than anyone else. It is about 30, 000 square metres. I came in here as a Bank Chairman. I was a Director in three banks by virtue of my investments. So, I didn’t come here an unknown person. Next built and owned before I came here. In the new shopping centre in the Trade Fair Centre in Lagos, Next owned a building there, containing over 120 shops. They have been put into official engagement or hiring for over 12 years.

    So, it is surprising when people try to link it to me. Next is building a shopping mall in Abuja and what Next is building now is small compared to what they have been able to achieve. Actually if you go to Abuja, Next owns the big building immediately after the Federal Ministry of Transport. That is why they wanted to build a mall. The partners had advised that they can’t build a mall there and that the most important thing a mall needs is parking space. That is why they moved it from there. But of course, you know Amambra politics.

    I was a bank chairman before I came here by virtue of investments. I was a Director of a bank before I came here. You can go and verify how many shares a man needs to be Director of a bank.

  10. Am happy for Mr. Peter Obi. All these critisms shows he is work. My fellow Ndi Anambra lets always not believe what people say without proper investigation. What are you doing in your own area of duty? Do to others what you want others do to you.

  11. Great one man, try built more, this is what made Dangote were He is today, because of his investment in Nigeria and Nigeria is place where people make profit any however.

  12. I think the issue here is that we nigerian should think well before concluding,to me if mr obi comes out as a president i will be the first to cast my volt for him. Amongs other like our previous past leaders from president to the gov. That stole billions of dollars not naira how many out of the criminals that invested in this country, mr obi has did the rite thing i suggest Nigerians should learn to appreciate because i know’s most of insulting we equally steals from the gov if opportune.more grace to your elbow mr peter obi long live peter long live Nigeria.


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