Photos: Lady Gaga steps out in transparent tights and bra

She’s always been pretty open when it comes to showing off her underwear.

But lately Lady Gaga appears to have cultivated something of a uniform of sheer tights and underwear for any occasion

The 26-year-old nipped out to Starbucks in LA 2days ago wearing patterned black opaque tights, black lingerie, and a black leather jacket.

Gaga completed her look with her current favourite super-high platform heel lace-up patent black boots, gold earrings, and black sunglasses.

She carried her phone in her right hand, and appeared in a relatively subdued mood.

Gaga has recently announced the launch of her own social network.


  1. She is one of d outright anti-Christ. She has a special mission for dis endtime generation. Her mission is clearly spelt out in John 10vs10 which is to steal,kill&destroy. Very soon, our girls expecially those in tertiary institutions will soon appear in dis satanic dress. May God disgrace her and everybody that admires her if they refuse to give their lives to Jesus.

  2. Lady gaga, end time, beast, nudity, satan, devil….bla bla bla blah..bullshit dis is lack of home training God punish my daughter or my sister both senior or junior to put on nonsense like this my wrath will so burn that maybe thunder and fire will first send her on exile or consume and hide her before i lay my hands on her,,,we more oftenthan not do the talking but seldom take action…lady gaga is publishing and throwing to the dogs her dignity so fucking wat! Does that giv any reasonable girl in nigeria or anypart of the world an enfontery to do the same, girls dat do sumtin like dis are not different from lady gaga…taliking about gaga and girls guys also are to discipline their self because we are the ends of all this seduction without d seed of men they win for satan all rhese seduction comes to notin yet boys dnt knw sum of us cnt stay without watching bluefilm and think watching jayz will do u anygood, or some cnt stay witout having sex yet they tink stopping to cross finger like american artiste will be of any importance fafafa foul!! Its useless beta be a master in helll than serve in heaven will fit sum of us who are not bad neither are they good deceiving themselves….lady gaga and her types are jst aid to a normal realiyt of life good or bad and dnt gv me the end time scrapp…hw will u explain a guy saging and wat lady gaga is doing or cn sumone gv the reason for guys wearing tights on the streey so much that witout looking at the face from the feet u seldom differetiate a guy froma girl and thereby immeasurable is the increase in homosexuality, aid i said aids are they just to pipu…are artist the only pipu that appear on screen wen pastors and christian programmes are on tv seldom do u find a youth watching these things yet siund city and mtv base are on 247 shame on youths not only are righteous youth on the decrease aso wisdom is a mirage to our today youth isaid shame on you who knw witin thine competetnce that thou lackest wisdom…..i bring u hope discern ur prupose and let lady gaga and the illuminati cults rest for they jst say cult that ur attensions may b diverted and from thence get souls but pay no attension to stuffs like dat watch movies wda they say illuminati or not but to u is entertainment read ur bible avoid casual sex and seek a sex wit Jesus that thou mayest be satisfy wen illuminate is being discussed amongst lost souls focus ur mind on Gid and commiun wit him from thence will u knw if thou is a lost soul or a striving soul seek the face of jesus amd neglect for sake of nature not ur social life let it be strict entertainment and not an observation model of sum sort wia useless things are leanrt by means of observation however….watch wiit prudence and act wit fear of the HOly name of Jesus….may the HOly name of Jesus be blessed both now and forever world witout end in paradise and hell for the lost.Amen.

  3. @All end-Time Preachers
    I’m tired of the so called “end-time” commenters on every news published across Nigerian online newspapers. Just give them (“end-time” commenters) a small public office, then you will know how real devilish/corrupt they are. My question for you end-time preachers is this: Corruption and L/Gaga’s dress (which is her personal life), which one has more effect on a nation?

  4. Information nigeria please stop posting things like this because it corrupts the mind of people. Am pleading, Even wit the mere looking at the photo, U should know this is an end time features, so don’t be involved in circulating such an immodest act. And to our girls, pls don’t copy this because it leads to destruction. Proverbs 14:12 says “there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways to death”. So pls girls and guys don’t follow what u see here, lucifer use dis to draw people to hell. Go to a good church, do what the pastor say, Read ur bible, pray everyday, invite the holy spirit to ur life. God will see us through to heaven.

  5. End time or nt lady gaga dressing is nt gud to our own culture so it is her body any body who want 2 follow her steps can do at lease u knw wot is gud or nt wot has dressing as to do with end tym enough of end tym jare u dat are preching end tym are u holy wot are d bad tin u influence pepu 2 check ur lyf b4 u say something abt end tym if Jesus come nw are you prepared? So ur lyf 1st

  6. Lady Gaga is de no 1 evil bearer, 1. Sheis hermaphrodite 2. church of satan. 3. Rich: what do u think she is dancing naked for. Not for money, but carrying out spiritual task……remember she says her blood is in de ‘fame-fragrance’. So my dear! She knows what she is doing@ wanting you to end in Hell like she’s going 2 end-up in……remember no rich/man/woman can open up naked body free of Charge…..LADY GAGA IS EVIL!

  7. Dis life is all abt wht u knw, wht u do and wht u think is gud. I wonder if it is God dat created such people. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantage. U might gain the earthly things which re money, shoes, cars, houses, clothes and also being famous, bt all the same, everything is vanity upon vanity.

  8. where is d luv of God in our hearth?do u know dat dis is d symbol of jezebel.there4 no luv of God in our hearth again.from young 2 old no one ready 2 do his will.dis is d sign of end of d world.