PHOTOS: Woman Beats Another Woman For Sleeping With Her Husband

The photos attached below show a woman mercilessly beating another for sleeping with her husband.
The woman then goes on to strip the adulterous woman and embarass her in public.
The neighbours who watched on with shock took the pictures seen here and shared it.
It is sad that couples have to resort to washing their dirty linen in public and even sadder that the trend of stealing others husbands has not abated.
What do you think?



    • What maks her INNOCENT???? I am a gal…. n as li2 as I am no MARRIED MAN will ever make advances @me n I’ll give him a listening ear,,,”’ If as a Girl(potential WIFE to be) allows another WOMAN’s husband to go in2 her” den she deserves wateva she gets 4rm HIS wife…. D way she fought 4 her husband ain’t d ryt way tho” but I will stl not 4 any reason Insult her…. instead I’ll say “GIRLS STOP DESTROYING ANOTHER WOMAN’S HOME, STOP ALLOWING MARRIED MEN TO BE D 1NEz YOU CHOOSE TO LUST AFTER” GO AND BUILD YOURS” stop giving d men room to destroy ur own life

  1. Frm my own perspetive…the 2 women must be birds of a feather dat flocks 2gether…i dont believe a responsive housewife can cast out her household 2 dis estent…

  2. well dis is a shit and illiteracy idea peradventure d captured woman died during her promi. molesting by dat abokoku woman she will eventually regret what she is did.nonsense.

  3. no virtous woman ll do this, though she ve, exposed evil and disgraced another woman publicly but this act ll not retore d peace and love her family needs? How do think this woman treats her husband when there no cameras watching.

  4. where is the man, why most the woman always be the one to be purnished? its shameful what the woman did but even more shameful for the woman that is beating her up!! she the beater should please go and put her home in order.

  5. It is very very unfair for what that woman have done to that lady that sleept with her husband, actualy what happen is very bad but doing this to this lady is not the solution. the fact for that woman is for her to fight her husband or blame him for insulting her image.

  6. That girl deserves all she get for entering into another woman’s home to defile her bed. You all should please stop pretending to be good here and hit the nail on the head. To all the girls that love dating married men some day you will have your share of this.

  7. The woman dat beats shld be jailed.wot evidence does she ve dat d woman is slpn w her hubby and if she s actually guilty of dat,was it a rape case?,if its a rape case,can she overpower her husband?,is d husband of lesser age n strenght? N why was d beating not at the scene of the action? Y was the husband not beating alongside d woman?. There are a lots of why’s to dis incident n injustice on the accused part.the woman dat beats her must be jailed and she must pay for defarmation of xter n public embarrasment.stupid woman.why dint she seal her husband’s manhood if she s dat jealous.

  8. She is very stupid for beating that woman up. was it not the useless husband of hers that went to woe the girl? she will just die if she thinks she can monitor a man. A MAN MUST BE A MAN! Her husband is the one that has problem because if he is satisfied with here HE WONT GO MESS HIMSELF UP. She is a disgrace to womanhood. if i be man i go drive her comot for house.. because she has not only belittled herself, she has belittled the useless worthless man. Yeye woman will dat stop the he-goat of a man to stop sleeping around?

  9. Though, I’m not supporting the adulterous Woman,the Wife did more evil now than the woman.She cannot use evil to pay evil.IS SHE WITHOUT SIN ? What happens if the man jetison/abondons her for the woman? Just like somebody said the man may have decieved her claiming not married.

  10. see the woman wen the man go fuck sef! why mr man and see how bootilicious your wife looks wit big ass, if you no wan fuck your wife again carry her come bcos that her bottom is giving me prick standing

  11. the woman that beats the oda woman she wants to tell me that it was her husband that breaks her virginity,she is a stupiud woman,n she is troublesome,the dog of a woman would not have gone to the man’s house but all the the blame is suppose to b on the man not the woman bcos the man approach her,took her to the house ,that man is a he goat n a coward n for that his wife is wicked for such an act,she b woman now and she go get pinkin way b girl now,he fit b say that man no tell the gal say him get wife but mumu gal suppose no wen she enter the room.well some how she deserver the beating not the disgrace the stupid neighour never fuck woman before abi he get 1 way pennis never enter her yarsh b4…….

  12. infact this altitude by the woman in red does not solve the problem ,infact it does not stop her husband from sleeping with another woman.infact the husband could still send her out of her matrimonial house.

  13. the woman has a a very very very very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem in bed that the husband can not disclose so he went for game meat.marriage is not about sex,cooking,washing there is more to love you need to learn women

  14. She has just destroyed her home for this single act. What gives her the impression the man will not throw her out for this shameful act, much as i do not agree with adultery but as a woman, wife and maybe mother, how does the society, her family and in-laws see her act (if at all she is not a live-in-lover wife) so to speak. Please ladies leave this so called married adulterous men alone and do not bring judgement and wrath of GOD on your head.


  16. Any LADY/GIRL/WOMAN here insulting diz Woman”” Just Pray to the ALMIGHTY GOD dat U do not find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to do even worse dan what she’z doing now just to keep/fight for your HUSBAND”

  17. Just Pray for ur own head well” Madam,, cuz WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND,,, Wish odas well”’ her act ain’t ryt but dat doe

  18. The woman beating another in the public is conscienceless woman n she needs prayers or she will have a more scattered home than what she has now. She’s a villager n a stark illiterate. Nonsense

  19. Shit! This Woman is highly irresponsible, she is a disgrace to Womanhood, an abomination to women, she is d worst dat has happended to her generation. She can’t make a home with this kind of attitude. Bcs even d Bible, made us to understand that by Strenght shall no Man prevail. As for the Young Girl, she also is a disgrace and needs deliverance.this is the worst Humilation one can take. Ah some Women re wicked.and some Girls re desperate. And is very bad.may God help us all.

  20. See dis idiot lady fighting another lady bcaz of her husband. I see dat she may stil fall a victim to another man if i tall any one approuch her cus her face do not look inocent atall.

  21. All those good for notin men running their mouth insulting the lady for beating up d other woman if dey catch their wife with another man won’t they do more stupid dan this.Men feels woman should be have no say @ all very selfish people.

  22. The woman gat no right to be fool herself in that manner.. now she fought the lady for sleeping with her husband then she will continue fighting because when one door closes for a dog another opened…. she isn’t fighting for her husband come to think of it how can she fight for her husband? Please that woman should park well now she has showed us how powerful she is but he can’t use her strenght to make her husband stick to her alone.. any woman who does it she’s more than a fool yes a very big one for that matter

  23. Beating the lady can’t and won’t changethe fact that he will still find another one please women organise your home so your man ccan’t afford to look and be tempted outside.. give your man that styles that he’s looking for outside…. advice you can even make friend with that lady to know exactly how she got your husband to bed no everything play well with her after gathering much or little information check yourself and make amends and stop exposing your bad habits in public

  24. Maybe the man told her he’s not married bt dats no excuse for wat she did….as for d man’s wife, she could not control her anger dats y she went to dat extent…she should not be blamed coz its not easy to stay calm when such things happen….its takes a lot of self control nd maturity to stay calm even after knowing d lady hu slept wit ur husband…may God forgive all of them nd change them for the better.


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