Plans to Resuscitate Biafra Underway

Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM), a pro-Biafra group, has announced that it has commenced the process of launching another struggle for a Sovereign State of Biafra in the international community. The formal declaration of the new Biafra Republic had been slated for November 5.

This revelation came at a Conference of Igbo Youth Organizations, CIYO, where a warning has been released that Ndigbo “would no longer watch in silence while our brothers and sisters are slaughtered like animals”.

The National President of BZM, Benjamin Onwuka, has revealed that what had been hindering the realization of Biafra republic over the years was the inability to get the support of world powers, like the United States of America, to back them. He expressed regrets that the international community did not know the aspirations of the Biafra people, saying “Biafra must therefore be internationalized because the forces preventing the dreams for our independence are vested in the United Kingdom.”

He continues: “Biafra can only be achieved when we secure the support of the United States of America; the day USA comes to our side, that day we shall be free from Nigeria; the story of South Sudan where a bloody civil war was fought for over 24 years is a typical example.”

The Igbo youths, in a statement endorsed by youth leaders, including the National Coordinator, Igbo Youth Grand Alliance, Uchenna Uchehara, who read it after their emergency meeting in Owerri yesterday said: “Events of the past few months in Nigeria have become very disturbing to stakeholders, especially the Igbo nation that played a major role in the founding of Nigeria and inspite of the tragedies of the Biafran war, resolved to give total support to one united Nigeria”.


  1. Nigeria is a foul plaid nation and should be divided for peace to be.nigeria is a nation of many nations.nigeria cannever have peace untill it devides.notanas,due to support from niger,chad and even saudi,claims to b nigerians while other states should b slaves to them.But when the states in nigeria,will all go separetly,let c whom will suffer.We the notanas,are foolish,banboos and idiots.

  2. @dirtsmoses,y can’t ur bloody useless fathers put an end to bokohalak? Since thier is no solution to d problem at hand,allow ppl creats more,more and more so that govt can be foolish the more aswell.

  3. Was it not this type of suggestion late col. Gadafi made that made David Mark to call himself a mad man not Gadafi? What will he call this Igbo leader now? I think Nigeria actually needs disintegration for the peace to reign. So that sharia laws can be strictly applied on only the muslims. Sharia law is peaceful and just.

  4. state of Biafra is very okay to me if boko haram said no to peace or to have dialogue wit nigeria government we can not stand for them to kill us all. is only tree dat herd dat it’s will be kill’ and still stand I like this country nigeria. But if some people said they did not need us again ther shuld live us to go. Please united state come to our aid

  5. I think its time something is done to our country. Boko harram giving us (christian) terms of cease fire. Even the minister (Alhaji Inuwa
    Abdulkadir) comparing NYSCE programme to a civil war.

  6. Disintegration can only be the solution if the present Nigeria is divided into four countries. By this I mean the north, south, east and west will be separate countries. Is high time we had stop deceiving ourselves as we cannot live together as one.

  7. Why dis hausa pple nor sa bi talk sef, if e dey pain una say country wan divide make una arrange unaself well na. abi nor be una be d problem of dis country nw? i beg i nor fit shout, make we divide e go even help deve sef

  8. the quiteness of christian doesnt mean stupidity,the muslim that support boko a-rams should take note.just want to let you people know that minds and heart are getting set for confrontation soon.God bless the good people of nigeria.

  9. the solution to the nigerian state is that its too big and great to be governed by a corrupt leaders,due to this fact,if nigeria wants a peaceful atmosphere for unity and oneness,the leaders should first purge themselves of madness inorder to creat for fair and just nation.there will still be madness after division if still, the countries are still being governed by corruptible mad men or women.the solution is fairness and not division.the govt knows where the peoples agony lies and they have refused to cure and heal them bcos of corruption.jonathan knows those worms that are eating up the vegetables,he is keeping quite bcos these men are powerful men like Babangida, Buhari etc.they are known as the CABA.But God willing,in no distance time,the whole corrupt leaders shall be giving mass burial cos their very time is near.God bless the good people of nigeria.

  10. This Biafrans are crooks, they go around in some places pretending to be Boko Haram and causing havoc just so that Nigeria will break up, now that they heard the REAL Boko Haram wants to seize fire they know they do not have any other reason to camouflage as Boko Haram, so they now talk about Biafran state. Abeg una too get wahala.
    Make una dey go, go dey rob una sef, dey sell illegal drugs, dey do prostitution, dey do 419 abi yahoo boy. Una wahala too much.

    • em i dont even know the name to call you i think i better call you fooooooool and i know you are blind, deaf and dumb because you dont hear or see what is happening in so called nigeria i think you better go for medical treatment if you can hear not seeing is better stupid that called his self wazobia i call you fool

  11. why you want to keep biafrans under nigeria when you dont like biafrans and this is not a muslim christian issue its rights of a different culture or language versus another if you respect biafran rights there would be no problem you do know outside of biafra there is and underground in america and britian who supports biafra?they are against their own goverments but are recruiting through pan african pro biafran rap on a street level you have muslims and christians and gang members who want to fight for biafra–its underground but I got this here let biafra go nigeria dosent need to run biafra


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