Prezzo Just Distracted Goldie…Karen Igho

In a recent interview with Bella Naija, the Big Brother Amplified winner, Karen Igho spoke about Nigeria’s representative, Goldie who was sent packing from the ongoing big brother Africa stargame. Hear what she has to say:

Honestly speaking, I don’t know Goldie, but from the little I’ve heard, she’s really a nice person but that game was too tough for her. Prezzo just distracted her, he pretended to her. I have my own faults too. I remember when I fell for Zeus. Now we’re just friends so it’s cool. But Goldie did well at the end of the day. I’m not going to sit down and judge Goldie because it’s only you that is in the house that will know how it feels like to play the game. Goldie is very soft and emotional and that’s why little things got to her.


  1. Karen leave goldie, she bi ashawoo so its obvious that she can’t stop being ashawoo no matter what. When u fall for zuse we know and saw how u played ur game but goldie no. She is such an ass

  2. Well spoken karen! I wonder why a gal will come on line n call her fellow gal ashwoo? Pls if u don’t have anything to comment jst short ur trash mouth pls. Goldie is still 100% better than some of u.*wink*

  3. Who made us judges? What she did anybody could ve done dat. After all ya all got d opportunity 2 enter in d big brother house. So pls leave her alone sometimes its good we make the mistake as to learn.


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