Revealed: Supposed Facebook account of Stephaine Henshaw is Fake


Just days ago, the media was buzzing with a purported statement lifted from a ‘supposed’ Facebook account of Stephanie Adie Henshaw, ex-wife of funky pastor, Chris Okotie on why her marriage to the founder of Household of God Church failed.
Many media outfits including print, broadcast and online (NFC inclusive) fed on it.
Interestingly, investigation has revealed that the ‘supposed’ Facebook account was not from Stephanie but from a sympathizer who opened the account after the ‘unexpected’ announcement by Chris Okotie on his divorce.
Further findings reveal that the Facebook account, Stephanie Adie Henshaw was opened on June 27, 2012.
However, the ‘supposed’ Facebook account of Stephanie has since been deactivated from the social networking site.



  1. D truth is did okotie ance said his marriage wit stephani is over? If yes why suld reason not known to d public one may say is personal issue not with a shephered a blind can’t lead d blind d office he occupy is an honourable and reliable so let d world no wats loom around to save d name of our lord Jesus and d body of Christ b it spiritual leading tell d world for revelation brings revolution so others will adjust their seat God bless u my pst


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