Rochas Okorocha Still Wants to Become Nigeria’s President

Serving Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has last week cleared all doubt about his presidential ambition. The governor spoke in Owerri, the state capital, while hosting a team from The Sun Publishing Company Limited, publishers of The Sun titles.

The governor, who had competed for the presidency of the country before with no success, has revealed that he would still like to achieve the dream. And he seeks to use his current position as governor of Imo State to finally make this dream a reality.

In his words, “I am here to demonstrate my vision and leadership skills… If I am going to contest for president in 2015, then my one term ends. If I am going to contest for president in 2019, then it is better to face what I am doing. But the truth is that my ambition to run for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is not cancelled.”

The politician who is renowned for his philanthropic works all over the country, especially in the northern part of the country, also did not fail to point out how he feels the PDP has failed him tremendously in his political ambition.
According to him, “Through all my political life, PDP has failed me. First, I wanted to be governor under the PDP. It was taken away from me. I wanted to be a senator, I went under PDP and won, but they denied me the ticket. I came to run for president under the PDP, and I came second. Then, I wanted to be the national chairman, it was not possible. I wouldn’t have achieved my political ambition under PDP. If I had gone for the governorship under PDP in 2011, Ohakim would have stopped me at the primary. That’s to tell you my odyssey in PDP. I have paid my dues in PDP, thinking that the PDP has internal democracy. The party has a problem of internal democracy.”


  1. I for one,will advise His excellency to do more to our dear state while the state has the privilege of having you as Governor.Then by 2019,you will successfully contest the presidency.That’s your time and nothing can stop you…

  2. Owelle, You are doing a good Job, at least better than the other criminal. But that does not make you very good. Although you still have your lapses,I will suggest that you Stop Friends and family business more especially Family business and expand your scope. Concentrate on important things and leave aside less important things. Yes we know. Complete your abandoned projects in the state cos they all lying there unattended to. make the state money that is not your circulate and stop concentrating them on your brothers, sisters and your mistresses alone. Roche group is not the only consortium in the state, we also know that your five brothers have at least 5 companies registered to their names for which they take up contracts, thereby making the state projects rotate around your family and friends. be wise! We know you act a lot of films, playing along with children and making them call you Daddy, but that is not the problem of the State. Stop the ever increasing building of hotels in the state, and save the future of our young girls. God will help you if you will listen to my advice. But if you fail to listen to me, Ohakim is a living witness of what will hapen to you in less than 3yrs from now. Do not be decieved, The political structure of Imo State still lies in PDP. the best way to kill your enemy is to bring him closer to you. Bring PDP strongmen close to you and your days shall be long. As far as i am concerned,Keke men and market women are not political structures. But political structure is that one person that bring those keke and market women to one place and instruct them on what to do. A word is enough for the wise.


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