Senate President David Mark Vows To Expose Corrupt Senators

SENATE President David Mark has vowed to expose corrupt senators and those engaged  in acts capable of tarnishing the image of the National Assembly.

Mark stressed that no amount of blackmail will deter the institution from carrying  out its oversight functions. He,  however, cautioned members of the public against compromising lawmakers  in the discharge of their duties, stressing that the National Assembly will continue to clear itself in its strong determination to meet the expectations of the electorate.

Speaking  at the National Assembly-Private Sector Forum organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in Lagos, the Senate president  noted that allegation of corruption against the National Assembly was  exaggerated.

According to him,  “There are those who say that the National Assembly takes the bunch of the budget. This is very ridiculous. I know that what goes to the National Assembly is not more than 2.5% of the total budget.  The National Assembly members are always accused of corruption but Nigerians ,to a large extent ,are responsible for this alleged corruption.

”If a businessman gives a bribe to a lawmaker, is it only the lawmaker that is corrupt? If the business man didn’t offer the bribe, the lawmaker will not accept. But the question remains: Why did he accept it? If our National Assembly members are found wanting, we will  discipline them.

“We will clean our house to earn the respect of those that elected us into our respective offices.  We will continue to clean our house and those who bring us to shame will get their punishment accordingly.”

Stressing that the legislature as an arm of government is on a steady growth and improving by each legislative day, Mark recalled that the level of rancour that characterized the legislative houses between 1999 and 2003 has been reduced.

“We  would continue to improve on legislative business until we attain a level where the average Nigerian will be satisfied with our performance”, he said.



  1. How many bills or laws have you legislated or enacted that have direct impacts on the lives of less privilge ones in our society? Oversight to check and trace how money gets into your pocket at the detriment of the people whe elected you. God is the best oversight functioner and He watches everything we do. This is over two weeks now when we are in darkness as a result of poor electricity supply and bad roads after the huge amount of tax payers money budgeted on them. This money is not spent adequately and appropriately by the executive arm, then what are you oversighting? May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenries. Amen!