Senator Accused of Sponsoring Boko Haram Gets His Visa to Travel Abroad

Last week the news of Senator Aliyu Ndume’s application requesting for his visa in order to travel abroad was visited with a lot of suspicion. The senator, who has been accused of sponsoring the dreaded Boko Haram militants had been on bail, his case being in court.

On TuesdaySenator Ndume was granted permission by an Abuja Federal High Court to embark on a trip to Saudi Arabia for the Lesser Hajj. The presiding Judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole ruled yesterday that the Senator’s travelling passport should be released to him to enable him to travel between August 1 and 31, 2012 for the Lesser Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The justice also ruled that, upon return, Ndume must re-submit his passport to the court within 72 hours or will be confronted with another court action. Ndume’s application had also indicated that he would be using the opportunity to carry out a medical checkup on himself.

However, Kolawole observed that Ndume’s application would have been rejected if it was based on checkup, but since it has something to do with religion, he would be granted the opportunity. The judge said, “There is no evidence to indicate that the ailment cannot be treated locally. There is no medical report to show referral to a foreign hospital.”


  1. Nonsense Nigeria.If he Waz a Christian,wuld hz paspots b given?U guy at d top ar kiln ds nation cos dat senator is goin 2 saudi arabia 2 plan anoda style of attak against ds country.Im hapy Boko haram is nw tagetn senators nd govt oficials.Soon it wl b d turn of dose useles judge.

  2. I think you ol shud read and follow dis man’s trial. D sss dat was very quick to arrest nd arraign him has sed they did not investigate d statement of their witness or d accused person. Furthermore d so called boko haram spokesman they sentenced to 3yrs imprisonment in their custody they are now vn problems producing him in court. Since d trial started it has been one delay tactic by d prosecution or d other. So wat do u expect? Infact unless d prosecution are able to prove their case which is a hoax, d case is goin to be thrown out of court. Pple shud reason nd stop using stupid sentiments.

  3. Mak una use una head ooo… Una don dy snd am out 2go learn new strategy on hw 2 bomb una. Hs move suposed a b 100% restrictd. I no wan hear say Ndume cross East o


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