Serving Senator In Certificate Forgery Scandal

Unbelievable is the constant dirty revelation coming from the Senate, the latest of them is that Chairman of the Committee on Aviation, Senator Hope Uzodinma that lied about his Degree in Arts/Criminology from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

It was gathered that the Senator had, in an interview with a national newspaper and on his Facebook page and other documents, claimed that he obtained a Degree in Arts/Criminology from the Washington University.

Investigations at the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, showed that the Senator representing Orlu Senatorial District never obtained a degree from the University.

“Sorry, we don’t have such name in our database; you can please call or reach out to the Registrar’s office, a lady in the Office of Alumni Affairs of the School said.

It was also gathered that a further check by Point Blank News at the Registrar’s office where data of all students including those that have graduated are kept did not find the name “Hope Uzodinma,” or any similar name.

“Please, we don’t have such name in our record. But you can also check at the National Clearing House,” an official, who simply gave his name as Kelvin at the Registrar’s office of the Washington University, said.

Point Blank News also checked through official records at the National Clearing House and was told the name, Hope Uzodinma, does not exist in any of its database. “We cannot get any record with such name, I am sorry,” Kerry Anderson of the National Clearing House said.

Point Blank News investigation came about as a result of the alarm raised by a group, Save Imo, that Uzodinma did not have the two certificates he had claimed – one from a Nigerian University and another from oversea.

A statement endorsed by the coordinator of Save Imo group, Nze Ebubeagu Ekenulo, said findings by the organization revealed that the lawmaker’s claims were unfounded.

“Both universities have confirmed that the senator never attended their institutions, hence obtained no degrees from them,” Ekenulo maintained.


  1. Dat’s why the Nation is not progressin, bcos most of the so called leaders are half-baked and the president who is a phD holder probably payed his way tru for d degree,bcos he knows next to nothing…plaques wt indecision, wrong decisions wen he make dem, $ corruption. OBJ was right wen he said they are rogues $ criminals. May God deliver Naija from dem.

  2. Its un4tunate,this y PDP wil nt allow d judiciary to be just.Imagine:governors wit 4ged certificates nd senators wit 4ged certs. If it becomes a court case,all we hear is pre-election matter or no jurisdiction to hear d matter!

  3. I keep sayin this, d problem of we Nigerians starts 4rm us,d structural impediment of d country is nt strong,so hw do u xpect d whole to function wel. Nigerian is really corrupt nd d problems starts 4rm those on top.

  4. This is gross! Uzodimma should be arrested and prosecuted immediately for this crime with all material evidence. If they sleep over this, his senatorial zone have to recall him immediately. What a crime!

  5. As a result, I recommend a total Review and Verification of all our 3 arms of Govt(i.e Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) and Top ranked officials Certificates. I know if some of them hear this, may even want me death alive. But it is an unbeatable facts in Nigeria. It baffled me so much that You will suffer for 4yrs or More in the University afterwhich some body without Certificate in office to employ you will say, there is no Jobs. Governors, Senators and the rest enjoying our money with forged certificates, maybe FORGERY should be legalize so that there will be no need for 4-corners class room Education. “Leadership without Examples is No Leader” butch of criminals ruling us, OBJ was right. If you dont go to school You will never Know the pain of Unemployment.
    Our Courts also corrupt that can’t hear and determine petition of Forgery Scandal! Is either Pre-Election matter, No Juridictions, 180 days elapsed and rest of meaningless Reasons.
    Our God will soon Liberate Us.

  6. Hw cn naija b bater,wen all u c in d country,are bunch of tart,corupt leaders ruling us,ozudinma so unfortunate u got caught,bt nt 2 wori i trust our stupid country only d poor face justic bt d rich,are above d law,stupid jugdes,stupid leaders,corrupt country..i hate d people of naija.