What 6 Jealous Wives Did To Their Husband in Benue

In the Yoruba culture, when people pray that a man should not leave the world through the same entrance by which he came into it, then something is apparently wrong with the sex drive of such a man. However, saying the same kind of prayer for Uroko Onoja might be a case of flogging a dead horse, as it is too late, after he was allegedly raped to death by his very own six (6) wives in the early hours of Tuesday.

Onoja, a resident of Ugbugbu Owukpa, Ogbadibo Local government area of Benue State was reported to have been a very wealthy and famous man. But he is also notorious for his love of sex. And this is probably what led him to end up having six women in his household – and his continuous patronage of other beautiful ladies in the society.

On the fateful Tuesday morning, at about 3 am, Uroko was said to have returned from a popular joint in the community, heading straight for the room of his youngest wife. However, according to this youngest wife, she and her co-wives had earlier on conspired that they would invade her room with knives and sticks whenever their husband came in to her, demanding that their husband have sex with all of them at once. Uroko resisted their attack, but he was overpowered by the women who ordered that the sex march begin with the youngest wife and to continue in that order to the top.

He had however stopped breathing when the fifth woman was making her way to the bed. The youngest wife explains, “Suddenly, my husband stopped breathing, and they all ran out, still laughing, but when they saw that I could not resuscitate him, they all ran into the forest.” The deceased’s body has since been deposited in a nearby mortuary. The village head, Okpe Odoh affirmed that the matter had been reported to the police and investigation was ongoing even as the youth of the community are helping the police in search of the escaped wives. Two of them have so far been apprehended.


  1. Why should they arrest the women? The man definitely got what he wanted…..Imagine having six wives and yet went outside to do what……..to the extent of returning home @ about 3am.
    He’s indeed irresponsible. Police pl’s leave the women alone.

  2. Those woman hv notin tu do wit d death of their husband b,cus wat he want he has takin it by havin six waives.d man duties is tu kip dem hapi as a husband. Those womans react b,cus dey nid him must tu hv sex wit dem. Men bkiaful nd ds shuld b a lesson tu u al.08034986680

  3. Oh d man av goten wat he wanted,al dis greedy men wiv get it 2 one day 2 if dier nt kful,wat wil a man b lukin 4 wit 6 women at home 4 getin dat he has 2 satisfy dem financial n sexualy ,abeg d police me shld leave d women alone n d youngest wife is d faithful one ,sha His soul shld rest in peace

  4. Hahaaha,this is actually funny why are they looking for the wives he wantd sex,he got sex what is d offence. He mait have died but he enjoyed till he took his last breath.lwkm

  5. He died out of his own greed!six women at home and stil look elsewere 4 more….?May his soul rest in peace.police sld lean hw to avoid som bedroom cases especially dis case.De man died in active service while satisfying his wives…

  6. ː̗̀Đ̣̣̬̩̃̊ː̖́ man slept wif his wives Åηϑ he died ​Π☺τ̅ as if they raped him bcos if he į̸̸is satisfied his man organ wil nt stand Åηϑ still enter ː̗̀Đ̣̣̬̩̃̊ː̖́ next woman S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ he was ​Π☺τ̅ satisfied Đąτ̲̅ was why his organ was still standing Åηϑ kept entering till he suddenly died out of over enjoyment .

    • From d write up,d man was rape to death cos their is a threaten of life by d 6 wives wit knifes etc.even if one’s manhood is weak does nt matter, wen its been pressured it gain election.so but i blame d man for venturing into marring as many as 6 wives.

  7. He who wants sweet,should equally expect bitter aswell.
    That should b nice cos went back same way as coming out to d world.Hmm…so toto fit kill man pikin.

  8. laf wan kil me here.nthn wey we nogo hear 4 dis country.me na 4 round be my highest in a roll.na im dese women wit wide toto cum dey force d man 4 six of dem hahahaha zanyboy3 @ 2go

  9. I hate it when I hear that a lady raped man. Women don’t rape men cos when U̶̲̥̅̊ re weak as a man, penetration ends. Thus, the man died I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ active service. May his soul roast I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ hell

  10. Hmmmm•• I con`t shout• What a crasy world “anyway” i don`t blame d wifes at all becos its d mans right to perform his marrital duties as a husband since he fails to do so d wemens didn`t hav a chioce than to take it their own way» a proverb says what a man wants in d puzzy of a women what ever he sees he shud tk it like that• Police live d wemen alone joo.

  11. I wan die 4 laugh,! Even 1 wiv na 1 problem multip$y by 6.He surpose 2 hav died lng ago, what he desirred most send him 2 where he came 4rm,he is fa8ful 2 his wivs 4 rendering satisfactory service.(RIP)sex worker.

  12. Gud for him,nd a lesson to other he goats…dose ladies did a great job,but i wish he wsnt dead very well so he ll learn his lesson alive.insatiable man

  13. Very unfortunate that this man would engage the services of 6 women. I disagree with the word “rape” cos the story has it that they were in turns and @ the 5th stage that the man died. That means he was not raped but died in active service. It’s a lesson to us all. Men and women. Sex is sweet and also bitter. Let’s do it only and when extremely necessary pls.

  14. It‘s quite unfortunate he died in the process of having sex with his six wives demanding for sex at thesame time.Let the policemen allow the women to have their refreshing breath bcos the man died as a result of performing his social responsibilty after all he needed sex more than the woman could have given him.Men,be wise in your greedy for sex there‘s no gain in it rather it‘s for cannal satisfactions.Policemen chasing those women should leave the women and go back to their duty post for more reasonable and national duties.Infact,the policemen chasing those women are even breaching and denying them of their marital right for demanding for sex from their husband. Lol.

  15. Me I can fuck 20 woman at once. Pls for all who have many womans that they no can fit fuck finish you can call me on this line 08033011278. The price is not expencing and I wil fuck till you reles

  16. @ abdul or bokoharam or wat evr ur name is, a fool @50 is an everlasting fool, if you hav eye problem ask people to read for you, 4 ur info. that man is 4rm idoma.

  17. lol..dia Wasiu sef na opportunity,u wan help anoda man service his wife..u don dey price death o. nigeria police make una farabale joor,d women want d tip of d man’s iceberg..so wats there?..dem do mistake sef..dem for cook better food and keep 2cartons of peak-milk for d man..make his energy no finish. The man na bros o..lol

  18. Na wa o GOD no bi small tin o 6 women at a tym d man don dig him grave since bt d ryt tym don com abeg police go bak 2 ur duty post 4 national duty.

  19. A bird that calls for rain will definitely get biting by the rain.
    The women needed their marital rights which is legal. On the man’s side, it is compulsory for him to satisfy them with this need. For him to go out, it means the six were not enough for him, and outside, people may think, the women were not giving him.
    Now it is clear it wasn’t their fault. He was wicked to them and it turns on him.

  20. Wow! So true dat there is bitterness in sweetness. The man died on what he enjoy most and to the 6 wives, they are demand for their marital rights. the man shouldn’t have ended up lyk dat. The police men should leave the woman and stop chasing those escaped. Six wives 4 a single, imagine

  21. The man, no doubt love sex. But he doesnt know much about sex. You can satisfy a woman and even make her reach orgasm without waisting your strength. It’s not all about strength but techniques. For more of the techniques, hook me up on 08064444319.

  22. The man wanted satisfaction, but he cud’nt get it, instead he died. So sad d only satisfaction we ve is in Christ Jesus. Hope all these randy men will learn a lesson 4rm these?

  23. Very funny…lwkmd! Wetin person dey find…d man get 6…nd he is nt satisfied…olojukoro! He got wat he deserves… Add me on 2go “emmayor”

  24. Very funny…lwkmd! Wetin person dey find…d man get 6…nd he is nt satisfied…olojukokoro! He got wat he deserves… Add me on 2go “emmayor”


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