Six Killed in Renewed Cult War between Aiye confraternity and Black Axe in Edo State

Six persons in the last two days were reportedly killed at different locations in Benin City, the Edo State capital following a renewed cult war between Aiye confraternity and Black Axe.

The latest was the murder of a middle-aged man at a beer parlor along Zabayor Street in Benin at about 10: 30 pm Tuesday night.

He was said to have been trailed by his assailants numbering about six, who stormed the drinking joint and on sighting their target opened fire on him repeatedly on the head as other customers at the beer parlour took to their heels.

Edo State Joint Task Force, (JTF), was said to have arrived the scene shortly after the assailants had fled scene.

Aiye fraternity and Black Axe have been engaged in an age-long supremacy tussle which had left over 30 dead and several others injured in past three years.

One Nosa Ebohon, an engineering graduate of the University of Benin popularly called ‘Biggie A.K.A JUJU OF UNIBEN ” was also killed yesterday along Adolor College Road.

He was said to have been invited by unknown person to a beer palour, on appearing for the invitation two armed youths shot at him on the chest.

The body of the ‘Biggie’ has been reportedly deposited at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

Sources have, however, attributed the renewed gang war in the state to fallout occasioned by the ‘sharing formula’ of largesse from politicians in the just concluded governorship election in the state.


  1. I solely blame the parents of those youths who failed to carry out the parental upbringing of their children. Education does not end in schools. Education is all about moral, mental and physical upbringing of a child. A well- brought up child especially in religion aspect will not mess him or herself up.

  2. @Mutana faruk..Yes I agree with u, but to an extent. But we should not forget the issue of peer groups. Peer groups pressure or influence is one of the major reasons must of these cultists fall into such a ditch.
    I am still afraid if such a can be brought under control or completely eliminated, as 98% of our politicians and so called leaders are members and sponsors.

  3. @mutana faruk have u ever being to a university hw would u talk abt parental up bring most students com out of well organised homes bt due to d evnviromment they find themselves they don’t have a choice.While some are forced to join tell me sometin let’s assume u just gained admission d first set of pple u meet tells u to join them wen u refuse they being to treating u and follow u everywhere u go wat would u do?

  4. Mutana faruk.. You should be ashamed for what you just posted here, blaming the parents. We all know that even the kids of very good parents end up turning into something else the moment they have their freedom. You do the best you can for your kids, and pray that they follow in the path you have brought them up in. So please do not even say it again that you blame the parents, because i am pretty sure you have also done some silly thing your parents never expected from you

  5. The fight for freedom demonstrated by the apartheid war was only valid during the colonial rule when the black people were under slavery,no good schools,no hospitals,no jobs etc for the black people,happily,the vision of the freedom fighters was attained,independence was gained,slavery was no more(respect to Nelson Mandela RIP among others). After the attained vision,no fight for freedom is valid anymore,it is absurd and satanic to harm or kill fellow students,brothers,countrymen and even foreigners now and you call that fight for freedom(Axemen in particular),which freedom? and scores by other cult groups. The higher the goals scored(number of people killed),the better the suprimacy of one cult over the other(s),this is extreme spiritual wickedness in high places and must be wrestled against using mighty weapons of warfare obtainable from the Holy Bible through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.You are doing the works of your father Lucifer,for he was a murderer from the beginning and cometh not but to steal,kill and destroy and abode not in the truth,he that is in God hears God’s words,ye therefore hear them not because ye are not of God(John8:44,47,John10:10),believe in Jesus Christ alone and be baptised,changing from all your evil ways and Christ Jesus shall give you light and life eternal Mark16:16. Else,according to the scriptures, let him die the death Mthw15:4.