Subsidy “Thieves” Are Government Sponsors –Pastor Bakare

The popularly known overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that his message against perverse and corrupt leaders has not changed and that he would not tone down his message despite his being grilled by the State Security Service, SSS, on the matter.

“Whenever you ask the prophet to tone down his message, his God will respond on his behalf. The answer to tone down is tone up.

“In the days of President Olusegun Obasanjo, the message that shook the nation was titled “No more walls” preached on March 7, 1999. Today the message is stronger and bolder,” he said

The convener of the Save Nigerian Group, SNG, said those who are in the helm of affairs of the nation are set of deceitful and insincere leaders who lacked the wisdom and political will to do what is right.

“My message has not changed since the days of the military. A corrupt, perverse, wasteful, directionless and clueless government is offensive to me and should be offensive to every intelligent patriot in this nation.

“The messages I preach are only biased in favour of righteousness, justice and truth. To this, I plead guilty because there is nothing anyone can do against truth, but for the truth.

“If I am being asked to tone down my message because of perceived partisanship, those asking me to do so have only succeeded in precipitating a tone up and examples abound in scriptures which I encourage our security service agents and men of the armed forces and the police to read and meditate on in the pursuit of their lawful duties,” he added.

Bakare also said that the recent arraignment of those involved in the oil subsidy scandal was a mere charade, stressing that the brains behind the scam were those who sponsored the election of President Goodluck Jonathan and top members of his cabinet.

The cleric, who spoke on Sunday while delivering the second part of his sermon in his church tagged, “How to change government peacefully and make society better”, said that what is going on in the arraignment of the subsidy “thieves” was a mere window dressing.

“The shenanigans and the charade going on in respect of the subsidy thieves, in my considered opinion are that the efforts of this government cannot deliver justice, neither are they meant to.”

Bakare also berated the wife of the President for her activities. “Can you imagine that as the nation is burning, Dame Patience Jonathan, the First Lady, is busy pursuing and obtaining the status of an absentee Permanent Secretary? Does this make any intelligent sense except to political morons and imbeciles?”

The cleric warned the security agencies to re-channel their energies towards doing their primary assignment of maintaining peace and providing security for Nigerians instead of arresting people for saying the truth, adding that “Otherwise they are going to see the wrath of God”.


  1. Good work, For a very long time,you are known for truth &I dont think you need boarder yourself going into the politics when you dd and you shouldn’t go back there anymore because it is’t your God’s assigned duty.but what you have be doing before then and now