Tending Other People’s Business: ACN Asks Bamanga Tukur to Resign as PDP Chairman

In their typical manner of not tending to their own business, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has asked the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, to step down as chairman of the PDP.

The reason for their request was the PDP chairman’s son’s indictment in the fuel subsidy scam. The ACN made the call in a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday and which was signed by the party’s Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

According to the statement “While Alhaji Bamanga Tukur is not facing any charges in the court of law over the scam, he is definitely a star suspect in the court of public opinion… While we have nothing but absolute confidence in the ability of the judicial process to ensure justice, we believe that anything than can reinforce the impression of thwarted justice in the fuel subsidy scam trial should be removed… Alhaji Bamangar Tukur’s continued stay in office is one of such.”

Whether the ACN has confidence in the judicial system or not, it is totally not their business to dabble into the way other parties chose to run their leadership system. They should rather focus on putting their own house in order.


  1. Is lik Acn is goin 2 tak over d city,why’but what about d other parties dat contest,is dat how his goin 2 b in d next election,any how it may b,lets keepon doin d best for d state,not by hopin on winning.lik oyo state’we hav 3systems of government,why,lets do sometin about dat.pls.

  2. That Tukur is representing the People Democratic Party is baseless as his official position must not jeopardise the interests of the People he and the party are constitutionally expected to defend. Hence, the ACN’s position should not termed as a sort of encroachment on the right of other parties, especially when People Deceive People .

  3. Tukur doesn’t need to be told to resign from being the chairman of the party because the son has used the father’s position to influence contract and may even use it to influence the judgment of this case

  4. Dear Editor,
    All along I had thought that I was the only whohad noticed that ACN only minds other people’s biz. ACN would never dwell on their own biz because have little or no achievements. Except for Fashola and Oshiomole who are not really core ACN guys. Oshiomole is labour and Fasola is a pagmatist. Talk about Aregbesola whom it took six months just to form his first cabinet.
    Lai Mohammed is very good but in the absence positive things to write about ACN he’s had to be reacting to every small action of the PDP.Its virtually same with Tinubu’s mouth piece – THE NATION

  5. I have and will never see ACN as the credible alternative to bad governance. The party is full of corrupt people. They won’t focus on their business. They want to make every business of the PDP their business. Apart from Fashona and Adams, which other ACN governor or political office holder is perfomaning. The answer is non. ACN is as worst and corrupt as the PDP.