The 10 Most Beautiful Nigerian Women Of 2012

According to EVERYWHERE NIGERIA group, these are the top ten most beautiful women in Nigeria, 2012 Edition

10. Adaora Akubilo

The Igbo beauty made waves this year, when she had a full spread that was featured in the prestigious American

magazine, Sports illustrated: Swimsuit Edition 



9. Omotola Jalade

The seasoned actress continues to win us over with her charitable acts for everyday Nigerian women.

8. Linda Ikeji

Though many may find the blogger controversial, one thing is for sure, she handles every situation she encounters with class.  That is why she continues to be Nigeria’s #1 blogger.

7. Adaeze Igwe

From beauty queen, to the wife of a baller, Adaeze Igwe effortlessly stays beautiful whether she is at a photo shoot, or dropping her son off at school.

6. IB Oyerinde

The slender beauty made tremendous waves in fashion shows all over Europe this year.

5. Yaya DaCosta

The beautiful model turned actress tied the knot this year in a beautiful cultural wedding.  She also picked up quite a few American movie awards as well.

4. Oluchi

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel proved all throughout 2012 that she was still on top of her game in the American/ Overseas modeling industry.


3. Omowunmi Akinnifesi

The former beauty queen is always one to watch on the red carpet.  Year after year she continues to dazzle us with her glamorous outfits.


2. Agbani Darego

The former MISS WORLD has struggled to keep the press out of her private life this year, but regardless of all of the rumors, she endlessly reminds us of the poise, grace, class, beauty, and elegance that won the title of Miss World.



1. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve continues to make ALL Nigerians proud.  The amount of acclaim and recognition that she garners in the overseas market is astonishing.  She is loved not only in her home country of Nigeria, but all over the world.  She is Nigeria’s most credited actress.  She continues to be a flawless beauty, inside and out. She is the Most Beautiful Nigerian woman of 2012.


  1. This is a BIG LIE!! linda ikeji more beautiful than omotola? hahah pls how can someone wake up one morning nd start writing list na wa o.It’s either omotola number 1 or nobody even genevieve cnt compete biko.Y’ll chet omotola and overraate genny na wa o

    • I m in support dt Omo T deserves more dn d No 9 ranking, let’s forget d skin colour,Wat s Nigerians definition of a beutiful woman? Beutiful within n without i.e insyd out beuty, Omo T s beutiful dts a fact n she deserves more dn No 9. D person hu made ds ranking am sure hv a personal beef 4 Omo T, weda blak or fair, let’s nt 4get d purpose of making d ranking in d first place. Beutiful woman, I m beutiful…………smyl

  2. This is a JOKE!!. i observe most of the top women there are black hahah nd u listed omotola so as to prevent bashing..What criteria was used for this cos am sure apart frm beauty other things must have influenced.Then how can u put omotola was has achieved a lot apart frm charity,this woman is first of all has 4 kids(might be stale),this woman is the first african actress to win screennation award in the uk,she has an NG0.Do we forget amnesty ambassador number of fanbase,the highest celeb with the highest number of ff on fbk so wat other criteria.Even with this womans face all other factors are not neccessary.Why is genevieve number 1? frm wat i see here omawunmi,agbani are more pretty than her.Omotola is number 1 even having a family gives her d right too,dat is wat makes a woman beautiful in Nigeria.I agree with bibi genevieve is overrated pls not hating.

  3. Lol you people should have said top ten black women in Nigeria because it’s obvious omotola is kept at number 9 because she is fair.Why is being black overrated in Nigeria so u cheat omotola because she’s fair.If omotola was black she’ll still be beautiful bu ti doubt if geny was fair she’d be pretty.Omotola’s skin colour is also that of a Nigerian so you kept her below linda ikeji because she’s fair? very funny

  4. please can u just come down to my village to see natural beauty?besides Omotola is de most beautifull among this people,abeg open ur eyes.

  5. I don’t why u guys are getting worked up over this issue. They are all beautiful. I still love Genevieve Nnaji, she is still the best among Nollywood Actresses.

  6. this list is ok but agbani darego should be numder 1 cause she is so hot and intelligent and why is every one so obessed with fair people i think black is the real is not all about the facial appearance

  7. Why must every topic devolve into argument amongst Nigerians? This is just a list of a few women. Everyone knows that not every woman can be on the list. And all this arguing about fair vs dark skin is disgusting. WHO CARES? When will we stop all this nonsense? These women are all beautiful. God created them with the skin tone they have because he thought it would suit them most. I can’t believe someone actually mentioned that Omotola would still look pretty dark, while Ms Nnaji would not look pretty fair skinned. How utterly ridiculous. It’s fine to suggest other beautiful women to add to the list. Just enjoy the article for what it is-purely entertainment instead of ridiculous arguments. Please.

  8. I think that the list that EverywhereNigeria.Com compiled is correct. I think it is sad that colonial influence has caused people to look down upon dark skin. how pathetic. all of these women are beautiful. what does skin color have to do with anything? are you saying that a fair skinned woman MUST be on top?

  9. Yea black is beautiful Genevieve Nnaji deserved the no 1 ranking #black #slim #tall infact her everthing is fucking ok I love her really as I really love black ladies especially her type

  10. Wow! ‘m surprise @ what many of u are saying. Has any of u met with any of these people recently? If u have met wt any, then u shd be able to agree with that post. That post is just nothing but d truth!

  11. Geny is beautiful inside out ,she’s got a classy n natural beauty a lovely mother of one her complexion is just it. I love that african face of hers awww! Dnt argue cos if u see her u ll make her ur #1 she deservs it she’s my number 1

  12. Haha, dis isn’t so true at all, haba, how can Omotola be number 9? I was at d leadership training where I saw both of them seated togethr, to my own rating, Ommotola shld be rated number 1. All dis omo una, omo igbo wit there segregation n rating, shew una idiot. Gene wey dey do like plastic even wit her acting. A beg comot dis rubbish.

  13. I’m not in support that Genevieve is d most beautiful lady in 2012 over all dis mentioned here. Tho she s beautiful in her own way. But considering Omotola to be number 9? Hello, tho I don’t watch Nigeria movies bt I knw dis 2 names well, Omotola is more beautiful than Geneveive, n I felt she shld be respected than wat she was given. Number 1 is what Omotola Jalade deserves.

  14. Do you think you are rich nd beautiful wit God fearing spirit nd understanding of wht marriage is all about.nd you are ds num.08064420941

  15. haba this rating is not just fair OMOSEXY No9 iro o 4get dark or fair skinned this lady should top this listing is it her achievements you want to rate her with or what she is just on point o sha don’t make this mistake when you make 2013’s list

  16. When did Omotola start, she is pretty but you can never compare her with Genne. Genne don tale and she will continue to be. Either mother of 4 or 1, they are both mother that still maintain there skin


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