Toyin Aimaku’s Ex Marries 8 Months Pregnant Girlfriend

Toyin Aimaku’s long-time lover, Kunle Soyombo yesterday married his 8months pregnant Fiancé .It will be recalled that kunle and Toyin were formerly engaged and Toyin even got pregnant for him but lost it along the line. Their relationship broke up few months ago, (BON online says it was in March 2012) and even though the actress was quiet about it, Kunle granted some interviews where he said he broke up with Toyin because she had so many men in her life. Toyin however denied this and said it wasn’t true. It was also said that, Kunle left with her Honda car and refused to return it.

It was said that they broke up some months ago, and the fiance he married is now 8 months pregnant. The question levitated in the Nigerian air is WHO IS CHEATING?


  1. Guys are so wicked,so d guy didn’t knw that before engaging her! Definitely this girl he married,was already pregnant for him even before he broke up with Toyin.
    Guys r somehow sha
    Toyin,don’t worry,a better guy is coming your way

  2. Don’t worry your mind over this at all my dear sister.A man that knows your worth and meant for you will be sent by our Creator.Heartbreak is a terrible thing to go through but it makes one more aware of the kind of people we have around us.I know you are a strong woman so please carry on baby and keep your head up.Not the end of the world rather the beginning of better things coming your way.Smile-your fans still love you!