Video: D’Banj Embarrassed On Tim Westwood TV For Wearing Fake Kanye West Chain

The clip shows Koko Master D’banj and Tim Westwood clarifying the authenticity of the make-believe Kanye West “Jesus Piece” bling he (D’banj) puts on.


  1. Dbanj lost his originality when he joined kanye west and then changing his name.Dbanj sold his birthright,he cannot be the koko master legend he was building,he sold his brand name.see 2face is a legend and he is keeping it real,Dbanj should go and learn from the masters.He is heading for a fall..

  2. I don’t see what the problem is. Kanye put his personal GOOD music chain on him as a symbolic gesture and collected it after the performance. Then later gave him his own chain from Jacob the jeweller. That was Kanye’s personal chain on stage. Do you know how much it is? Is that how you dash people your personal property? Especially something worth $50,000+ ?

  3. wetin be dis na? Our koko master wan dey famous na. U go soon see wetin Michael Jackson see. He bleeched his skin 2 blend in. U go soon begin plait ur hair. Hw naija super star cum f**k up lik dis. I wish the best in ur pursuit 4 international recognition. Dapo

  4. I’d rather you consider the plausibility of O boy’s comment. No one would ever give a symbolic representation of his label out coupled with the magnanimity of its price. We’re misinterpreting his gesture for condescension when he basically honoured him with it in the view of the audience. #YetIndifferent

  5. Damn!!!dapo wetin dey wory nah, aftr u don quarell wiv donjazzy,nw kuma u dey cary fake chain of kanyewest 2 shw off?mtsw,as u c me so I no dey fil u again at ol…u btr go nd reconsyl wiv ur mentor donjazzy,if not!!!hahahahehe

  6. The jacobs n co chain dbanj made is worth thousands of $.Returned Kanye’s personal property and made his so wats the fuss about.Dbanj’s chain is an original jacobs and co stuff so let’s hear word

  7. Wot’s up wit u guys?… Most of u cnt evn spell correctly n u’re insultin d dude *smh*. Ppl shd jst learn 2 mind deir bizness n if u feel u rili av 2 say smetin, den learn ow 2 spell correctly n startrek u’re rili a goat mtcheeeeeeew

  8. ok for God’s sake ya’ll shld free dbanj…the dude is makin his dough…he is already an international act…nd do u even wah gud music is?..personally i feel all those hatin n writing trash are stupid nd immature n shld freakin get a life n leave DBANJ alone…i love dbanj…fanks 4 makin Nigeria proud..Peace.

  9. @ lorlah, U̶̲̥̅̊ ar a senseless human being who fuckin told U̶̲̥̅̊ dey hate him, no body hate dbanj all we ar saying he should try be promotin nigeria culture dan copin oyibe. Koko master don
    really fuck up
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  10. What is this fuss about? Kanye put his chain on D’banj during d show (all for publicity purposes of course). He collected it from Dbanj after d show. Then Dbanj made his from the place Kanye got his, Jacob & co jewellers… What r u guys screaming about?

  11. He soo does not fit into that crowd.
    My ish here is, what’s the bowing to Kanye for?
    He’ll always be “the artiste signed from Africa” !

    Since this is the fad now in Yankee>>>> Abeg make Diddy sef come carry Whizkid jare!

    Our African Superstars becoming 2nd rates in the U.S.

    Y dem think KSA & FELA still dey respected till date?

    My Opinion: WRONG MOVE D’daniel, D’banj!

  12. I am so much ashamed that my people refuse to understand a simple guiest. Africans will never understand the westermners because they interpret all the see in African contest. A musician who has his only emblem has honoured another musicians by puting it on his neck as a sign of appreciation and acceptation but the empty headed Nigerians think that he has given it to him for ever. I can see that Kanye West like Dbanj and thgat is very understandable by a normal human but Nigerian think that if a man introduces his wife to you, it will mean that you can sleep with her and when it is not allowed then you make a jest of the honoured person. If a muslim should introduce his wife to you, take it as a very big sign of respect but it does not mean that you have the right to stop the wife on the way and hold her hands. I pray that things will one day be normal with Nigerians instead of posing throughout their entire life.

  13. Abeg make unah leave that Guy Dbanj for me oo … Who be Kanye self ??? Dbanj noffin do u jare .. Nah small mistake people won use talk.. If e sure 4 una Papa who never won be like person b4 for here or neva won copy person… Bad belle people … Get a life

  14. Loool,dis is so funny.reading comments on dis site is so entertaining cos som ppl jus tak tins so personal.D’banj really blew up dis tim,n changing his name,dat is wack,it’s lik he’s tryin 2 change his personality n startin all ova again.dnt evn feel his songs anymor.