Video of Lawan allegedly Taking Bribe From Otedola To Be Shown On Television

A set of video recordings allegedly showing embattled House of Reps member Farouk Lawan taking bribe from business mogul Femi Otedola might soon be made available to and broadcast by all major television stations across Nigeria.

This comes after Channels TV aired an audio recording believed to be the Farouk Lawan discussing with Otedola the location where bribe money should be paid to him. Channels tv  says it got the tape from a reliable source, challenging anyone who doubted its authenticity to prove his case to the public.[Listen to the audio recording here].

Nigerian News agency Punch reports that six video tapes and 16 audio tapes are likely to be made available to various Nigerian television stations in coming days, but the identity of those making the damming video and audio recordings publicly available remains a mystery.

FULL TEXT of the audio recording believed to be Lawan and Otedola discussing N96m  bribe

OTEDOLA: How are you sir? I don’t want to bring it (money) to my house.

LAWAN:       Your house?

OTEDOLA: No, I don’t want to bring it to my house. It’s a lot of money.

LAWAN:       Oh yes. So where, because I’m hastening to the…

You are in the airport now?

OTEDOLA:       Yes. At the airport; in an aircraft.

LAWAN:       And before they can come over now… unless I send somebody to the airport. I can’t leave by the time they come; I will be in the chambers. I have a lot of things to do myself.

OTEDOLA: Is there anybody you trust that I can give it to? Or maybe I should just postpone my travelling to China till tomorrow?

LAWAN:       No, no, no. in fact I will arrange with someone. Let me give you his number.


LAWAN:       His number is 080…

OTEDOLA: Hold on, hold on, hold on.

LAWAN:       08036513355

OTEDOLA: What is the name?

LAWAN:       TJ.

OTEDOLA: Teezay?

LAWAN:       No, TJ.

FEMI:           Ok, so I will give him the balance. That is $2.5m.

LAWAN:       That is right. Just hold on. I am calling him to be sure his phone is through.

OTEDOLA: Where will I meet him?

LAWAN:       Hold on, hold on, just hold on, just hold on.

Don’t quick send…..

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  • My concern with these parliamentarians is just that it is quite appalling when dog eats born entrusted under its care, for the cat is not the choice errand boy to purchase fish for an evening meal. Going after the cabals or the cartels is like treating disease symptoms without actually dealing with the pathogens. The pathogen is with the defective system, the system is rotten and stinking. People like lawan and co. are supposed to be flushed out of the system. Where are the Save Nigeria Group SNG, Occupy Nigeria, Pastor Tunde B., the Buharis etc. these are the people who claim to have the interest of this country at heart but somehow seem defective in their approach. Nigerians are watching.

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