When social networking breeds promiscuity

This happens to be the longest title I have ever giving to any post, but it is what it is.

Not so long ago, someone very close to me called me.  We spoke for a couple of seconds when I realized that she wasn’t sounding so cool. So, I asked what was wrong with her and she said nothing was wrong with her and then I asked what the problem was and she said the problem was Maya (not her real name). I asked what about Maya and she said that Maya was raped. I couldn’t help saying “What?”…Typical Nigerian way of showing shock.
Now, I have known Maya for a while. She is a friendly, lively girl. Also the first daughter of a pastor…cut all the crap about pastors daughters being the worst kids on/behind the block…she was also strong minded too and knew how to handle guys that made advances at her.  Heck! She didn’t even let them get that far. She believed her dad would kill her if anything crazy were to happen to her happen, plus she knew her sisters, cousins, neigbour’s were looking up to her and so she couldn’t afford to mess up.
Let’s leave the ‘Maya’ story for a bit now.
Have you heard or read about happily married couples who met on Facebook or about sick celebrities who had followers on twitter who were willing to donate an organ for them. All these are some cool stuff about social networking sites and talking about them, there are so many of them…God bless the internet…Nigerians, being who we are (one people, one nation…hehe!), we no dey carry last at all.
The only bad thing is that these social networking sites have paved way for all sorts of crazy and sick tendencies to be revealed. I needn’t go far, let me use 2go™. All one needs is a phone that can access the internet…off-course minus all those annoying Huawei cheap-phones…no monthly subscription and the charges are quite cheap too. All it takes is to download, connect and then explore. This should be fun. It is actually fun, a place where one can meet a lot of cool people and discuss anything under the Nigerian sun and abroad, but it is also a place where nearly all the guys are extremely horny…Yes, I said it.
Back to ‘Maya’ for a bit…She lost her virginity to her rapist who by the way, was some guy she met on 2go™…But this is not about 2go™, but about the crazy dudes and girls using it…We would get back to ‘Maya’ later on.
It’s not really a new thing that I like to ‘jones’, so after hearing about the ‘Maya’ incident and deciding that I was going to write about it/share the story, I decided to use my second 2go™ profile…(a female one that I created to ‘jones’ an old friend of mine, who actually fell for it but later caught me because I made a little mistake; if there is anything I gained, I did say he wouldn’t be too quick to trust girls on 2go™)…to chat with guys so I could post the exact ‘shitty’ words they used and generally how their minds works. First, I entered a room, guess it was a dating advice room and before I could write “Hello”, I had close to ten guys trying to add me to their friends list.
Horny Guy #1
U cold?
A little bit
I’m lonely here…where are you?
I mean where are you now?
At home
Lykwise me…You are with who at home?
Can I see you now?
How do you mean?
Can you snap and send me how you look?…Now!
My cam is not good
U don’t want to send me, not dat ur cam is faulty
I’m not cool with sharing pix
I’m alone here and am naked
Let me see your pix now
Check my profile
I mean sexy pix
(he sent a pix of himself lying down on the bed totally naked… except for a little towel covering his privies)
Is dat u?
Yes…can I see yours?
Do you really need to see mine?…brb
 Want to see how sexy you are and I want my d**k to charge…U there?
Yea, I’m back
Where did you go?
Had to read a txt
Can’t we just chat?
We can. Just dat my mood is high right now…Y ignore me? (I was tempted to write: high on what…go down low bro…hehe)
I’m not…is it even big?
Big as in?
Don’t worry, neva mind
Y na…U shun me again
I’m not shunning you, my network is bad
Ok ma
Tnx 4 understanding
So you can’t send me right?
Not comfortable sending you
Please now, let me feel you
Afta you see it wot next?
I would get down with u, to know you better
How do you mean?
Pls, pls, let my d**k charge
Is it big?
Not so big but long
I love big ones…how long?
Babe let me see c u. I’ll send u
Ok but let me see you first
It seems u are playing games with me. I know u don’t want to send me
U are not so sure…tnx you made things easy for my writing
*deleted him from my list*
Horny Guy #2
I’m ok
Nice to meet you… I’m Franklin
Cool name, you are from where?
K, how are you doing today
Dats gud
Do you sexchat?
Do you feel like it now?
Let’s try
Cool, how do we start?
U tell me
K, I’m presently rubbing my d**k
Need to rub it hard yl I kiss you
Luv dat…brb
K, waiting
U’re back
Cool, u’re alone
Nice, wd you rub my d**k now
Rubbing it
Yea, feel it…tease me with your tongue
Ooh…aah!! (I couldn’t help laughing when I wrote this one)
Put my d**k btw ur b**bs
I love dat
Me too, esp with big t*ts
Myn is big
I guess so, they would fit my large c**k
Very sure and I will suck and squeeze them hard
OMG, love it so much
Den I am sucking ur b**bs and rubbing ur P***y
Dnt stop…Dnt stp (laughed so hard here, I nearly rolled to the floor)
Yea, kiss me harda…rub my d**k
**kiss smiley**
 Oh! My d**k is so hard right now
Lv hard ones
Wana see it?
**dude sent an xrated pix, wasn’t pleasant to my eyes**
Is dat truly yours?
Yes o! I’m nude from the waist down…I am just so f**king horny
Me too (felt sick saying this to d dude)
U are nude too?
Can you get nude?
Nope. Thanks for the pix though…tonight I would use it for juju.
*deleted him from my list*
It wasn’t easy chatting and writing all the messages as it came but ‘twas worth it…I guess. What other proof to show how horny, loose and sexually motivated guys are…and to think that they would end up being parents soon…It’s scary…but then , no be only guys o! I have chatted with a fair share of wild girls. No be say I holy pass, but c’mon, the ‘konji’ concentration in some guys/girls blood are just too much…too-too much, but then again, there are still some girls/guys who fall for this kind of ‘trashy’-chat, some actually like it.
That reminds me of some other guy I chatted with but was too tired to write down the chat. He started by being nice and before I knew it he was inviting me…as in me with a female profile…to come to Nsukka because he stayed alone and when I asked for transport fare he was willing to send it to me as long as I assured him that I would be coming. Along the line, I kinda lost it and asked him if he thought I was some cheap girl and whadahell did he take me for and the dude, after trying so hard to exonerate himself from looking like the sex-freak that he was, finally gave up. You wouldn’t believe what he said…paraphrasing it…”Do you think I’m a kid? I’m a university graduate. While I was in school, I came across hundreds of girls and you are not even up to them”…This was the lamest yarns ever, if you ask me, but then again, you needn’t ask me. He was a graduate and he reasoned with his phallus #Gbam#…My reply to him was “You met a hundred girls and wanked thinking about ninety-nine of them, I met a thousand guys and nine hundred and ninety-nine of them wanked thinking of me, so get a life, you cheap perverted punk-faced wankstar”…I guessed I was so very pissed at him.
Back to the topic>>>Girls get raped everyday and one thing that is really killing me is that most of these rapist go scot-free…”Maya” couldn’t tell her parents about the whole rape thing because she went to visit her rapist on her own volition but the part that gets to me most about the whole thing, was what the rapist told her after the whole nasty act, when she had managed to put herself together and to satisfy her conscience, landed him a ‘hot’ slap …”I’m sorry, I had too. You can kill me if you want”
There are so many lessons to be learnt from this, no matter a person’s age, but three I would like to bring forward would be that: one has got to be careful about the kind of friends one makes on social networking sites, I bet that is obvious. Secondly; it’s best to learn from people’s mistakes, hence the reason why I am writing this in the first place and lastly…this is for girls… there is the need to kill the belief that it would take more than a guy to rape a girl.
That was “Maya’s” thought before she was convinced.
This guest post was written by Kelechi Kemnele of www.bellybature.wordpress.com


  1. This is so so so true! I get all sorts of horny weirdos on twitter both sexes included α̲̅πϑ it makes me wonder if the country is slowly going mad. All sorts of naked pics α̲̅πϑ what nots. I never give out any personal info there α̲̅πϑ I block them asap. Girls need to be really careful especially teens getting on the social media band wagon.

  2. Ooooh! It’s really OBVIOUSLY that it can happen especially on this 2Go world, and it can only happen to those that don’t see, heard, and even watch on a movies how our wicked world is up to.. Sometimes i guess we don’t have such an ignorant girls here in this computer-age and a CIVILIZED world again! For me, I really like 2GO APPz and almost find it so habitable for me to crag jokes share fun and otherwise… besides, am 2in1 (as in having male 2go and female 2go) with different mission, “MALE one is to share jokes, life, love, word of God, and communicate with my real friends without spending money to call them, its very interestin and benefits. But FEMALE one is to test how wicked our fellow guys is, how quickly they can giveup to girls, thier weakness, to know how they act, to learn a lesson, tricks, and sometimes i even collecting money from them (fools) cos they think am a girl… However, we have different Stars (levels) on this 2GO i.e from Novice to Master on 2go version 3, and only a Novice to Senior can easily giveup.. So girls pls let keep Chat forward but don’t honour any one’s invitation! Bye. Am Godly-son by name.

  3. Kelechi u just hit d nail on d head, as it stands I’m a lil icky bout opening my yahoo messenger, cos I get constant sexual harrasments.

    I feel 4 maya though, but as I always say; fear d unforeseen. Cos uv got no clue wat to expect, so y try ur luck @ stuff like dis.

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