Wife claims Dimeji Bankole took her to the shrine

Mrs Elizabeth Bankole, a housewife in Akure, the Ondo State capital, has told an Akure Customary Court that her husband, Dimeji Bankole (Not the ex-Speaker) forced her to a shrine to take an oath of fidelity.

We gathered that Bankole had approached the court for dissolution of their marriage on the ground of extra-marital affairs. The marriage is over 10 years and blessed with three children. In her defense to the allegations made against her by Bankola, Elizabeth argued that it is already obvious that she was not involved in extra marital affair with any man since a curse had been placed on her when her husband took her to a shrine where she took a vow against infidelity and adultery.

Elizabeth explained that the person her husband accused her of going out with was a relative who used to stay with her whenever he was in town. She said the man, who is now late, was a member of her family and her mother used to send him to her anytime he was in Akure. Bankola had, in his petition before the court, accused his wife of being unfriendly, proud and full of hatred for him and his people.

He also accused her of being disrespectful to people and in the habit of raining curses and abuses on him. Bankole, who bares the same name with an ex-Speaker of the House of Reps, thus begged the court to dissolve their marriage, saying he is tired and could no longer live with her.

In his preliminary ruling, Chief Julius Fabinu, president of the court, ordered Bankole to take his wife back to the shrine where the oath was taken to remove the curse on her. He said such much be done so that if the court dissolve the marriage the woman should be free of the curse and be able to remarry if she want to.



  1. is reli disrespectful i a man tu tak her blove WIFE tu a shrine.bside mere hearin ur name DIMEJI BANKOLE d name sounds respectful so y risking ur d LIFE of ur WIFE.is a big shame tu d HOUSE of REPS nd d entired NIGERIA.

  2. is reli disrespectful 4 a man tu tak her blove WIFE tu a shrine.bside mere hearin ur name DIMEJI BANKOLE d name sounds respectful so y risking ur d LIFE of ur WIFE.is a big shame tu d HOUSE of REPS nd d entired NIGERIA.

  3. @darlington, u should have read carefully b4 u start accusing the ex- Reps member. The person in question here according to the news shares the same name with the ex- Reps member. This is an entirely different Bankole as i understood. To u dimeji Bankole, so ur jealousy exceeded to the level of taking ur wife to a shrine for oath taking eh? My question now is, why then are u accusing her of infidelity? U better stand up to ur responshbilities and keep ur 10 year old family 2gether becos ur children will never forgive u in the future if u do what u wanted to do now. As for u Elizabeth, u agreed and consented to the evil act of oath taking eh? It means that both u and ur husband doesn’t have trust in each other. Am disappointed at hearing this. I wish both of u luck and i want u two to stay 2gether again. I dont like divorce. Its ur children that will suffer what u two are about to do. Go home and resolve this in the comfort of ur bedroom.

  4. I guess d reason y u posted dis is cos of d name “Dimeji Bankole” n i read it cos i thot its d ex-honourable.Be careful wit ur captions/headings in d future cos u gave d impression of d post being about d ex-honourable wit d heading

  5. @ doobie if U don’t knw how 2 read & undastand Y can’t U shut up pls. And as 4 U Demeji U share name wit a responsible person bt U ar nt responsible at all. Mrs Elizabeth pls sit down & think very I bilieve U knw Ur self.

  6. Its a shame. Case of infidelity is becoming the order of the nigerian new. GOD i plead for your devine intervaintion because i can’t live to hear such a sacrilage and aborminable stories about my precious marriage


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