You’re After Me Because I Wont Sleep With You –Jim Iyke Replies Habiba Abubakar

The case that involved Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke and Habiba Abubakar, an Abuja based businesswoman of a  N15million fraud scandal, has escalated to the extent that Nigerians now wait for twitter updates from these two in other to judge who is right. Habiba had last week released documents and pictures of Jim Iyke at the police station.

But Jim Iyke has reacted to all the allegations by the married woman, claiming the story was false.

Below is how the actor reacted to the allegations on Twitter:
“ok folks, the idea of the shout out is to read between the lines and compare notes with the bogus claims. You know the subject matter and the topics. So, follow closely!

“Please be advised that the subject matter will be referred to as the ‘lady from hell.


“Shout out to OBSESSION. That can drive a middle-aged mother to relentlessly pursue a youngman’s end because he refused your sexual advances. Peo aint dumb!

“Shout out to MOTHERS for their love and sacrifice. Any woman that can fabricate pictures and stories to hurt a mother invites an irrevocable curse. God judges!

“Shout out to the lady from hell for stealing pictures from my sister’s phone to photo-shop to insult my great mom. Won’t insult yours because my mom raised me better.”
The question of who is right and who is right seem to be less relevant by the day, and the big question of when will will this fight end seem to finding its way to the top.


  1. I said it bfor dat jim is a guy man u can just get him so chip. Habiba tink dat she can full nigerians wit her storys. Come out tell use what u need from jim bfor de money go round. we may be of help to u. Habiba

  2. old woman dat wants a sweet 4k..16m na small tin.nd u need to tel us hw dat hapn nt givin us di7 fek new7 dat u treeted jims mum .who told u dat jim dnt hav money to tak care of his mum.4ker?

  3. Let critically luk in2 dis matter fellow niajians. . . Readn d lines u wil knw dat jim is @ fault nt nt habiba. . D lady got all documentary proves while jim 4 his part got no proves but only tryn 2 fabricate inrelevant ideas. Pls if u av nt read d womans story dnt judge 4rm dat of Jim bcos dat wil only result in partiality. . . And 2 Jim dere is notin bad if tel d woman ur sorry and stop slandering her wit all dis LIBEL.

  4. U guys shuld b wise nd nt stupid.Hw extnt wl a wuman want sex 2 a tune of #16milion?Read btwn d lines nd no dat Jim Iyke is lyn nd it so unfotunate considarn hz status in ds country.JIM is a dispointmnt 2 hz fans dat includes me.

  5. Have never been a Jim Iyke fan,he was just too fake for me,I feel bad for him because his career is dwindling gradually.If i were him,knowing fully aware of his guilt,would have just zipped up and let the case go solemn without all the unnecessary social media negative publicity.

  6. I said it sm day’s ago da Jim lyke wl nt set bk n watch dis woman HABIBA to reign in dwn n go free witout Jim lyke react to her Cok nd Bull stories. If it is true da d woman really wnt Jim lyke to ‘Date’…her so da be it cus we ar tired of JIM LYKE ND HABIBA stories.

  7. Jim iky should stop all dis star crazy stuf. Dating or not is neva new. Go return habibat money. U believ ur dik is magic. Poor jim iky

  8. jim, i think u should just give her, her money, even if she at fault i believe God is in d best positn to jugde. And as for habiba, i wil say don’t use violet just be clam i kn it’s a big amount of money, but u won’t have gotten urself into this mess as a married woman.

  9. she has all the ducument ducumented that means she has all évidence that can bend his knee so why dont him just look for away of settling the matter rather than using bed to fool all Nigerians. ? give her her money and stop proving smart. smart gold chaser.

  10. Jim….i DnT Av anY tNg to aDd…chOgXy hAz saId ALl……… weDa dAt laDY’s cORreCT Orh NOt,thIs Is nO bIg fInG fOr yhU…..As A MaHn U AlWaYs hAv oPtIoNs,jUx cHoiCe wAn AWt oF De MiLlOnS:….

  11. Any one can create any thing but as for me i say jim go ahead and teach the married women who cant respect their marriages
    your mama brought u up sharp
    let her use the documents against u in the court of law if she is not after ur di…

  12. Is only God knws d truth abt ds issue no one can tell exactly wat hapen, bcos if at all u’re going hear frm other side of d story it will b different wit Jim story, so we shld stop judging blindly. Jim can b ryt nd also d woman cn b ryt

  13. Enough of comment,,,plzzzzzx,,,,,,,don’t you all have what to do? If yes””’sit right and be focused as students in d class


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