10 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman

There are things we all know are just “no-no’s” when it comes to how we talk to others. Sensitive subjects, touchy topics, and last nerves, all things we should have the good common sense to avoid bringing up.

Here are 10 things that  guys should never say to a girl…

1. “Have you ever considered getting plastic surgery?”

2. “You remind me of my mother.”

3. “That’s nonsense!”

4. “Men aren’t programmed for monogamy.”

5. “You would be really pretty if you lost some weight.”

6. “I don’t want you to make more money than me.”

7. “Is it your time of the month?”

8. “Don’t be so sensitive.”

9. “Come on, just the tip.”

10. “It didn’t mean anything!”


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