6 Reasons Why She Might Lose Respect For You

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Why did the girl you were dating, the girl who seemed like she might actually fit into your life, suddenly disappear?

Maybe she stopped returning your calls after a few dates you thought were cool, and now you really have no clue what you did wrong.

Unless you just really didn’t hit it off and you’re totally oblivious — or she actually has a boyfriend — you did do something wrong. And that something might be one of these six reasons why she could have lost interest. Make sure that next time, you’re prepared.

Having bad grammar

This includes text message grammar, spelling mistakes, tYpiNG LiKe tHiS (do people do that anymore?). Speak to me like I am a human being.

Having controlling tendencies

Excessive jealousy, stalker-ish behavior, extreme protectiveness, always wanting to know where you are.

Being excessively needy

This guy I went on one date with started IMing me every day, tried to talk for hours, wanted to see me a lot, etc. These things just show that you don’t have that much going on in your life.

ComplainingComplaining about things excessively… without doing anything about it.

Taking advantage of intoxicated women

If a girl is clearly intoxicated and seemingly incapable of sound judgment, you don’t try to make a move.

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