“All The Good Things In Nigeria Are Done By Muslims” – Sheik Gumi

Islamic cleric Sheik Ahmad Abubakar Gumi yesterday asserted that all the good things in Nigeria were being done by Muslims, contrary to what he described as a conspiracy to present Islam in bad light.

Sheik Gumi, who is based in Saudi Arabia, made the claim as he continued his series of Ramadan sermons at the Sultan Bello Mosque in Ungwan Sarki, Kaduna.

A source who is attending the daily Ramadan sermons gave SaharaReporters details of the sheik’s latest talk.

The source quoted the cleric, whose father was the late Sheik Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, as stating, “All the good things in Nigeria are done by Muslims.” Mr. Gumi reportedly claimed that General Danbazzau was removed as Chief of Army Staff because he is a Muslim, adding that the ex-general’s efforts to build a military hospital in Kaduna have since been abandoned. The cleric stated that the hospital would have served all Nigerians well.

The Islamic cleric also drew his audience’s attention that when Nigeria desperately needed a czar to take on the scourge of corruption, the country turned to Nuhu Ribadu, a Muslim. He reminded the audience that Mr. Ribadu even arrested his boss, ex-Inspector General of Police Tafa Balogun.

Sheik Gumi praised Central Bank Governor Sanusi Lamido for clearing the rubbish at the apex bank. In addition, he praised the work done by Nasir El-Rufai when he served as Minister of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja.

The cleric also drew attention to the late Abubakar Rimi’s tenure as a minister. He credited Mr. Rimi with firing a director in the ministry who used “juju” to terrorize people, adding that only a Muslim could do that.
Mr. Gumi also lauded the late Head of State, General Murtala Muhammed, for his foresight in moving Nigeria’s capital to Abuja, adding that the city’s central location has worked for the benefit of all Nigerians.

After reinforcing that Muslims were behind the good deeds he enumerated, Sheik Gumi wondered why there were attempts today to portray Muslims as people trying to stir trouble. He asserted that the country was already deep in problems, adding that there should be justice in order to secure everlasting peace.
Mr. Gumi argued that justice demanded that soldiers be sent to southern Kaduna, Jos and other areas where he alleged that Muslims have no protection. He stated that there are still refugees from southern Kaduna and that security agents had done nothing concrete to protect them from attacks.

He urged Muslims to work towards change, beginning with the registration of all mosques. “Let us register all our Mosques, collect 100 naira each,” he said. The cleric added, “This talk is not about Izala but just saving us in this world before we go before God. If we start registration of mosques, ignore those that will refuse the registration, let’s forge ahead and gather money and save our people from this challenges we are facing now.”

Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. Behold the SPONSORs of B-H and sectionalism. Prayers will continue to expose them. If he really wanted to talk of Muslims what of FASHOLA in Lagos? What of OSHIOMHOLE Aliyu in Edo State? Why the divisive tendency? Why politicising and “religiousising” and “ethnocising” the Army. GOD fight your battle, expose them, May the real enemies of NIGERIA suffer the bitter shame of defeat. May they be shamed like their fathers.

  2. Good job sheik, it is hightime we start analysing d contributiont of islam and muslims to the present Nigeria, muslems we ar not terorist we are lovers of peace, bt peaple are bieng sponsored to paint black our great religion which is why they call us all sorts of names just becouse they don’t want us to be listen to, even when we need the chance…but you know what! WALLAHI if you will judge islam with its scripture with unbias mind and stop following mere congesture you will regret lebeling muslims as terorist

    • Sanusi yahaya takuti, I have never in my life and would never go against any Religion as all my friends are mostly muslims and few of my family members are married to muslims. however, I advise you to sit down and have a re-think about what some bad people are doing in the name of Islam, we all serve same GOD but some bad people use islam to create problems which sometime lead to various WAR. please, if you have acess to various net-work, kindly see all the trouble going on in the planet and please according to your word in your comment “unbias” kindly be honest & unbias, tell me who are those govering all those areas of Crisis in the whole world ???. Am now please to tell you that in my church, we always pray for favour of God in those countries affected. [syria, tunisia,egypt,mali,palestine,pakistan, Afghan, iraq,iran,kuwait, just to mention few to you. my brother, thousands of innocent are killed everyday and I always wept when I see bomb explosion killing civilians, kids, women, for no reasons, bomb kills @least 40 innocent muslims by fellow muslims every morning in IRAQ. so, what have you got to say about my little explanation to you ???. See what is currently happening in NIGERIA, killing ourself, what have you got to say about this ???. Nobody is black-painting islam, it is the bad people in islam that fellow islam should always condem their altitude & foolish thinking but because their IQ is very low & little, but instead of other fellow muslims condeming their bad character which could provoke war, you are supporting them, please let us all unite as we are all serving same GOD instead condemming each-other RELIGION which is act of GRAVE PROVOCATION. Thks & God-bless.

  3. this man that called himself iman of mosque is a fool 2d cure. is he promoting peace by wt he was saying by being sentimental. the fool 4get 2 mention the barbaric and devils one among them. sani abacha is a muslim,Al-mustapha who killed pple like a rat is a muslim and all their who hav ruled us led nigeria 2 where we are 2day, but,we still have many good pple,who love peace and pursue peace among them, not all of them are evil but pple like dis sheik should be avoided.they are d enemy of peace. FOOL DEVIL

  4. Dissapointing to say the least. So is this man asking for christianns to be wiped off the face of the land just because a few muslims have stood out? This is what religion can cause if it is not used properly. I believe that wether xtian or muslim, nigerians are all d same. There are good muslims and good xtians, and there are evil muslims are xtians. Its no use being sentimental. What of the xtians in northern kaduna that have died? Do they have military protection? Am very sure a reasonable muslim will not buy this man’s ideology. It is overly sentimental, misleading and unfortunate statement made by a religious leader who is supposed to preach peace.

  5. U distorbans of pis in d world i had u mention danbazol dat fool dat supply wepons 2 muslim an stop d peyment of N.M.S Boys fr no reason an forda said dat N.M.S shuld b regaded as mere skul,rufai shuld nt b out as he domolish pple hause an kep dem in poverty,u said d gud tings in nigeria ar frm muslim, here is a quation fr u an ur pple,who design d national flag an court of arm?nigeria is name by who?who ws dy person dat went coregiously 2 rsive leta of indpendency frm d bretish?who evented television an G.S.M?gowon is a christain he stnd fr dy north durin beyafra wor if nt fr him hausa man fr no smell asorock 2dy?wat ar nigeria dpendin on 2dy crudoil an of wish witout it u can’t survive?d gud tings we porcess can’t b ova enphasies,u pple ar jst conzumas nt producer,rmenber u ar dere 2 prech pis nt cratin voilence.