Amazing: First Wooden Car Launched! Faster than a Porsche (Pictures)

Believe it or not an American, Joe Harmon has designed a car which is made almost entirely of wood. The car, called Splinter, was said to have been designed as his graduate project at the Industrial Design course – North Carolina State University.

Amazingly, the chassis, body, wheels and a large proportion of suspension are also made of wood, and it is super fast too – even more than a Porsche or a Lamborghini. Other specifications of the car include:

Engine: 4.3liter turbocharged V8
Horsepower: 600bhp
Weight: 2500lb
Length 174.5in
Width 82.0in
Height 42.0in
Wheelbase 105.0in

The entire car, which is made from a combination of maple, plywood and MDF, weighs just 1,134kg – some 240kg less than the super lightweight Porsche. The eco-friendly two seater, which is fitted with a six-speed, manual gearbox, can sprint from 0 to 60mph in just over three seconds!

The ‘Splinter’ car can turn out a whopping 700bhp from its twin supercharged, 4.6litre V8 engine – almost 300bhp more than a Porsche 911. And with a top speed of a staggering 240mph, it will leave the Porsche or even the brand new Lamborghini Revanton behind.

According to Harmon, “The light weight is achieved through careful design and composite construction… The Splinter is not made from any carved-out, solid chunks of wood, but rather moulded laminates.”

So, if offered a ride in the Splinter, would you hop in?




  1. @zane you must have attended night school in your village because there’s absolutely nothing gramatically wrong with the combination of words quoted above. Instead you have showed your lack of understanding of standard English Language! That said the spelling is “edit” not “edict”. I’m sure you’re one of the 85% who failed English in the recently released WAEC, if not then you probably never went to school.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful. Joe did a great job as school graduating project. This shows Nigeria’s slow pace and backwardness in giving PRACTICAL and QUALITATIVE education to her citizens instead of QUANTITATIVE (i.e gathering certificates) education compared to other countries. Imagine a student’s project broke world’s record.
    Well, I believe in my great country, NIGERIA whom the world at large cannot predict as she is improving,improvising and developing secretely, getting prepared to take the world by SURPRISE. I know we’ll get there.
    God bless my great country, NIGERIA, Amen.
    (Ayo ni o)