Babangida Threatens To Expose Buhari, Claims To Have Proof Of Buhari’s Shady Deals

A few hours after President Goodluck Jonathan and ex-Head of State, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari took a swipe at former  leaders, ex-Military President Ibrahim Babangida fired back.

He asked Dr. Jonathan to learn to accept criticisms and threatened to expose the “holier-than thou-attitude” of Gen. Buhari.

Gen. Babangida, who spoke through Prince Kassim Afegbua, his media adviser, reminded Gen. Buhari that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

He also advised Dr. Jonathan to look elsewhere, not him, if he is blaming past leaders that are criticising him.

Kassim said: “On President Jonathan, there is nothing wrong in criticism if it is constructive and in the interest of the country. Gen. Babangida is one unique former President who does not criticise a sitting President as a matter of courtesy.

“If President Jonathan is blaming past leaders, he should look elsewhere, certainly not IBB.

“On Gen. Buhari, it is not in IBB’s tradition to take up issues with his colleague former President. But for the purpose of record, we are conversant with Gen. Buhari’s so-called holier-than-thou attitude.

“He is a one-time Minister of Petroleum and we have good records of his tenure as minister.

“Secondly, he also presided over the Petroleum Trust Fund ( PTF) which records we also have.

“We challenge him to come out with clean hands in those two portfolios he headed. Or, we will help him to expose his. “records of performance during those periods.”

“Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones. Gen. Buhari should be properly guided.”

Source: The Nation Newspaper


  1. I will be glad personally,if IBB should come forward with those shady records of Gen Buhari in order for people like me who so much believe in him to be aware.please do not issue threats,come out with those records so that we can see them.

  2. I respect ibb alot…but talkin of gen. Buhari…he might hv some terrible things in d past, but i still c him as a solution t our problems (Nigeria)…everyone has his/her own side of the story…

  3. IBB speak! He wil do u nothig… Imagine dis kind of a nation, dis statement alone is a million stuff to get diz two men for an accounting…hidden hidden hidden minds in a glass house… ‘Holier Dan Thou’-ibb is write, dat’s bu’ri’s image

  4. Is a shame to our shows that they have no single truth in them.It shows that they are pretenders of peace and unity of this grteat country.what do they expect we the youths to learn from them?Once again is a shame of them.For not exposing Buhari,IBB is aiding and abaiting fraud which is punishable.The president should probe all former heads of state.

  5. Mr president shuld’t make a mistake of pointing an accusing finger on any paticuler past leader. All our past leader contribut to d woe we suffer 2dy, n our passt leader shld now that we hv their record.

  6. I’m damn sure IBB knows wat he’s talkin bou. “Those who live in a glass house shud nt throw stones” wat a word! IBB pls expose dem all

  7. If our government is sincere &lawful all this kind of statement re very criminating,somebody cannot say i ve ur other persons records when he/she was in office as these re men of senior class of d country 9ja. Notin happens2dem such statement should ve indictment2 dem straigt &face prosecution, but u know 9ja now we rob dem powder&even dance2praise dem. Our government when ‘ll thou change4good 4all 9ja 2enjoy our own land? God come&help us Plz.

  8. IBB if u & Buhari re placed before Nigerians to judge ur past records physically, u will kw dat Ibb has a very bad past records dan Buhari which every Nigerians knows dat. What a shamefull talk.

  9. IBB is just a political agbero as far as I’m concerned, not that I’m siding buhari either cos he’s a man who doesn’t keep to his own words also. Those two old cargo just wanno confuse bros Joe d more. Abeg IBB n u Buhari stop ur childish tricks n live my presido to concerntarte. Thiefs.

  10. IBB,for the umpteenth time stop fooling us all with your maradonic moves !
    Simply defend your role in crippling the nation’s power and go right ahead to
    “expose” Buhari’s “records of performance “.You sermonizing on how to react to criticism or your challenging your accuser to “come out with clean hands” is not the issue here at all !

  11. thase are all political mad dogs, who una wan decieve again?
    please ibb and buhari leave the scene for up comeing politicians and stop disrupting jonathan old men you men have stollen enough for your kids and up comeing ones please it is enough other wise what happened in the ABA womens riot will befall you and buhari pls get out of the scene.

  12. Among all d intelligent people living in this our great coun3 IBB was trying to tell us that he’s the only man that knw the bad secret of Gen. Buhari.
    But i wonder why EFCC sermoned you (ibb) and u refused to come, and they did’nt sermon buhari at all. And remenber, b4 2012 electn, you (Ibb), buhari, shekarau and ribadu were each invited for weakly interview on VOA (Hausa service), then I wonder why buhari face less challenges from Nigerians (phone callers) than you. Infact you’re the one faces more challenges than all the 3 people invited. So how can Ibb be the only person who can expose Gen buhari…..? So your only and layed example is PTF…….IBB should face his own prob. and stop blabbing and denying the truth.

  13. Here are two people who promoted themselves to d rank of Generals respectively when they forced themselves to Nigerians and ruled d country as they wished have suddenly woken up and started treading blame,they should be ashamed of themselves. IBB/Buhari,I will advice u. Self proclaimed Generals to stop distracting GEJ,rather encourage and advice him using ur wealth of experince as past leaders.enough is enough!

  14. No matter how they come together against themselves tey are all birds of the sam feather.
    Wen he become born again soon to pretend as good citizn all in disguise to gain allies for an upcoming election.
    Fellas of fools.

  15. why you people talk much is God asleep? we talking about boko haram, let MR PRESIDEN IBB AND GO vomited what they eat in the public because we were not there abegoooooooh.

  16. I don’t even believe this is from ibb. and if it is from him, then let him go ahead and expose Buhari. we are anxiously waiting.



  18. Haba IBB. What a baseless rant. Exposes Buhari now, if there is any ill doing. What have u benefited the masses since step aside? Ur only scheming for ur son to become the next governor of Niger State on PDP. And it seems Buhari will be a threat to that. If u don’t take time, we will sue u for concealment after the fact.

  19. This is insanely interesting, empty threats are just noises made by an empty barrel, IBB, do things and not say them as your audience are not fools or miss-led-able, Buhari is a saint compared to you, but he is only human, and is prone to that which is humanly … i advise that we information seekers should do our own research for it is better seen than being told about,,,


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