Black Eyed Peas’’s $700,000 custom-made car stolen

The Black Eyed Peas singer , can’t find his car. After his #Willpower album listening party on  August 14, he went to the car park to discover his car was missing. The custom made Coupe is the singer’s pride and he still reportedly hasn’t seen it.

A spokesperson for the star told TMZ earlier today that the car had been found.‘Everything is fine, he has his car.’, they said. It seems however that Will hasn’t still found it, as he took to Twitter to say:

‘Just landed in portland…and still no news about my cars whereabouts…#wheresmycar.’

He tweeted: ‘My car was stolen…what the f**k..?
‘Where is my f**king car…??? This isn’t funny anymore.’

He tweeted about an hour later ,‘I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe…‘#givemebackmycar this joke is getting old…’

His publicist ,Sally however apologised for her mistake.She told TMZ:

Hi —When I asked [Will’s] assistant yesterday morning she thought this had been resolved but was incorrect, hence I passed on incorrect information to you – apologies for this.Will ask manager this morning about it. -Sallie

Oh well, we hope someone is not punking give the poor man his car back.