Ceremony of Uncertainties as University Of Maiduguri Shelves One Academic Session

Following the publication in page 46 of the Daily Trust newspaper dated 3rd August 2012  to the effect that the committee of deans, directors and provost of the aforementioned university has unanimously cancelled one academic session as a result of the dilapidated security situation in the metropolis and also a further extension of the students holiday to another 3-months, the students or Maidites as they call themselves have been torn apart from the manifest ambiguity that clouds the publication since it wasn’t precise on the cancelled session.

Since the fictitious official website of the institution www.unimaid.edu.ng has not been updated with the recent news making rounds in betrayal of what a website is supposed to have done, the students have resorted to running into reasonable guesses that favors one interest or the other as is evident on their comments on the face book page of the institution

A reasonable number have lately become some kind of the biblical Joseph in interpreting the aforesaid cancellation by saying that the cancelled session should be the 2011/2012 academic session since they just rounded up the 2010/2011 academic session two months ago in June and are to commence the 2012/2013 academic session in September albeit without facts and that the 3-months extension of their holiday to be from the said June to September.

A greater number, probably out of pessimism and reliance on the already established precedent of any rumor becoming a reality show, have agreed in the cancellation of one session as the 2010/2011 academic session but has held a dissenting judgment with the holiday extension by saying that it is November not September since the school before the said publication was billed to resume on the 3rd of September therefore a 3-month extension should be November 3rd.

Despite the submission of the newly installed s.u.g president, comrade Darezo on the face book page of the institution, that the proposed cancellation is the 2011/2012 session since it was never entered into and that the holiday extension was from June- September 2012, many students are still dazed, obfuscated, lost in the dark and in no way appeased since no circular have been issued to corroborate that fact neither has the dormant website done so either and as such has termed Darezo’s submission as a figment of his imagination while appreciating his contractual obligation.

Before the school rounded up the just concluded 2010/2011 academic session, the returning date for new students was pegged for 13th August and returning students 27th August but only few weeks into the holiday, another rumor had it that the resumption date for old students has been reviewed upwards to the 3rd of September. It is not only weird but also hard to believe that new students are to commence registration on the 13th of August exactly one week before the Sallah celebration when lecturers should have gone on their holiday. This fact automatically lends more weight to the student’s doubts and thereby compounding their woes since the holiday according to them is enough and taking them forever to become graduates in a nation that has no plan for its graduates.

It will be remembered that the University, is yet to release the second batch of the 2012/2013 U.M.E admission neither has it issued an official statement with regards to the remedial list of the 2010/2011 academic session after selling thousands of forms at #3,000 per form if not for anything, at least to calm the nerves of prospective students and their parents.

University of Maiduguri, since the security situation in its host state nosedived has lost its pride among other universities when it comes to predictable academic calendar and efficient management a situation that has left it hitting the ground no thanks to the Boko haram insurgency and the lame management crew though.

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