Charly Boy And The Illuminati-Gay Saga

As an ardent follower of Nigerian entertainment industry, the tales of Charly boy popularly known as Area fada and his numerous controversies remains one of the gist that garners wide public views. The Area fada has of late been accused of being gay and also head of the Nigerian branch of Illuminati.
His visit to ThisRanch church last Sunday and his vague explanations to the nude pix of him that spread like wild fire left so many particularly me dazed. Taking a close look at the pictures, it wont be hard to discover that it wasn’t photoshopped because the photographer ; ‘Debbi’, left his identity, not by accident at the bottom right hand corner of the pictures.
Most controversial is the woman, Linda, which he claims resides in him. Reading through his remarks, I was tempted to assume he was in dire need of a psychologist exception being if he was talking voodoo or speaking an Illuminati language. If there is another lady in his life apart from Lady V, then one cant help but wonder which of them play second fiddle, visible Lady D or mystery Linda?
Recently, Lady D openly stood for her husband, publicly denouncing the rumour that he is gay. Personally, I wasn’t expecting her to say otherwise considering how far they have gone. If probably he was gay, the marriage (35 years old) wouldn’t have endured that long unless Lady V house skeletons in her cupboard too. However, the difference between Mr Oputa and Charly boy is one question that has suffered a long ignorance and which Information Nigeria would like the couple to throw more light on.


  1. I dont knw wat 2 say about a ful grown man lik him. Linder! Lady V: don’t dis woman knw dat her husband had confes publicly dat he is inlove wit DENRELE? Wat kind of lov is between people of desam sex? Dis is bad. Nigeria need prayer, we people of Nigeria need prayer, d leaders need prayer. God pls dont leav us lik dis. Yesterday pastor wit human head, 2day boko haram nd government. Wat wil hapen 2moro? I dont knw! U nko? Hennnn?

  2. Baba charlie at ur age ur mate have alll corrected their mistake and liven by example to we the younger upcoming star. i ave learn t noting positive from your soo called showbiz instead you keep falling our hand.God and rest before you collapse on street of lagos.You just a looser it remind me of those days when we are kids.when you fail you start acting funny trying to make last we fuck up dey more cos we act i don;t care at last we still do the right thiing. fucking guy

  3. This old man doesn’t have manners, he lack ethical morals of good behavior…besides what impact has he contributed to the Nigerian society as a plus…charity the say begins at home…u see him all over Lagos messing around with is soo calld power bike…in Abuja with useless writings on rocks..i think he’s insane

  4. Wait a minute! Did you say maybe he needs a phycologist???
    He needs a phychologist
    A psychiatrist
    A guidance counsilor
    A doctor, and
    A pastor… Plus many more


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