Child Kidnapping: 9 Protection Tips

By Toni Eghosakruz Ewone

Over the years,the welfare and security of the Nigerian child  has
always been neglected. Due to this disregardance,there is a stunningly
alarming rate of kidnapping among preschoolers and pupils daily and
while measures with action programmes have not been put in place to
curb this,the dilemma continues to pullulate.

Attesting to  current situations,Nigeria is becoming a kidnapping
capital and heist of all sorts occur daily. It would awe you to know
that Nigeria’s sad reality is a new occurence and has skyrocketed from
2009 till date. One unforgettable event would be the madness
exemplified in 2010 when 15 School children were kidnapped(bus hijack)
in Aba,Abia State. This news caused outrage worldwide and though the
kids were released in a fortnight,little is known as to if a ransom
was scraped out by the abductors.

Child Kidnapping becoming more of a statement in this clime is a
failure on the Nation’s part and the unwillingness by Citizens to make
demands of Government  for harsher sentences on kidnappers leaves the
issue tolerated and therefore continue unabated. Below are ten succint
inklings to ensure your child’s security –

1) Vet Domestic Staffs —  Ensure domestic staffs at home e.g House
helps are properly examined and scrutinized from time to time.
Continually study your drivers,cooks and househelps. Most kidnappings
involving children have been arranged by domestic staffs so do make
sure they’re referenced properly by a reputable guarantor before

2) Organized School Run — Always ensure that adequate security
measures are put in place for your children in collaboration with
their schools during drop-off and pick-up times.  Parents should
endeavour to always scrutinate their ward’s school run and report any
scoop to the school or appropriate authority.

3) Driver Education —  Parents and Guardians should consistently
educate their drivers to be more wary of security agents on routine
checks and ensure they are not being tailed to and from school,church
as well as other areas. Children on their part must aid their
chauffeur to circumspect.

4) Avoid Routines — When picking up your ward from any
location,avoiding routines and rush hours have over time proved to be
most helpful as it has foiled hijack attempts and consequently proven
to be a successful life saver. Constantly changing these times thus
make one less of a kidnap bait.

5) Child Education — Make certain to discipline your kids/wards never
to talk to strangers or open doors for unknown persons. Ensure to
guide them against collecting  gifts,alms or favour  from strangers as
these could serve as traps for kidnappers.

6) Information Control — Cogent dossiers such as financial
plans,travelling report and classified business transactions should
not be privy to your kids. Kids virtually may not take it as face
value and thus spill the bean alluring snatchers. If in any case this
should be,children should forewarned to keep lips sealed.

7) Child Supervision — Endeavour to always monitor your children’s
growth  along with their behavioural changes. Teach them the art of
engaging their school pals and peers such as  knowing their family
background before familiarization. Your kids should choose their
friends and not the other way round.

8) Keep an Eye — Never leave your children in the car unattended to.
Always oversee and act as a watchdog for them be it church,at the
movies,shopping mall or a friend’s birthday party. Kids left alone and
neglected could gallivant into atrocious hands.

9) Engage School Teacher — Parents should make certain to establish
a good relationship with their ward’s tutors. Engage teachers to also
keep a regular eye on your ward and give you feedback concerning your
child’s growth and affairs.

Notwithstanding the above piece, Parents should always communicate
with their children and respond to their needs to ensure contentment.
This guarantees safety and insures against crime,dissatisfaction and

For Security Converse,Twitter handle is @Eghosakruz.