Clifford Orji is Dead

About thirteen years ago, the news hit the media waves about a certain man accused of eating human flesh, who was arrested by the police. That alleged cannibal, Clifford Orji, has been reported dead. According to reports, Orji died on Friday at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison “in his sleep”.

Clifford Orji was arrested in February 1999 under the bridge at Toyota Bus-stop on Oshodi/Apapa Expressway, Lagos with human parts, which he reportedly claimed he sold to notable Nigerians. On the19th February, he was charged before the Ebute-Metta Magistrate Court, but was never tried.

Orji had ever since been at the Kirikiri Maximum Prison, awaiting trial. Reports about his deteriorating mental health had appeared in the news about five months ago with psychiatry hospitals rejecting to attending to him for lack of long-term medical facilities.

Attorney-General Ade Ipaye had then said Orji’s case was stalled due to the health impediments, adding that unless Orji received proper medical attention, he would not stand trial. In his words, “Orji is mentally disturbed and no hospital is accepting him. Unfortunately, one cannot be tried mentally stable, so, he’s stuck in the middle. All we can do now is find help for him.”

The death of the 46-year-old alleged cannibal has been confirmed by acting Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Prison command, Mr.Biyi Jeje. According to Jeje, “as at Thursday, Orji was fine, but on Friday morning, he died in his sleep. The cause of his death is still unknown but an autopsy is being performed… We took Orji to many health facilities but he was rejected time and time again. I don’t know why they rejected him, but we did all we could to manage his illness.”


  1. I dont know why the govt like helping a criminal, if u cant kill him now God killed him, why are you telling us this? You journalists are just making matters worst. What about killers of mohd yusuf? They are in the prison and we still said we want fight crime. Ta!!! What i know in Nigeria is that we are very good at biting our tail.

  2. @Danumar dont criticise journalists unjustifiably nao,isnt it good dey keep d world informed of this evil man. U ought to av criticised those who were seeking medical attention for him while he was still alive. God u are gr8 o,13 yrs of world punishment;everlasting time of heavenly one. We beg u God to help us chain those tormenting d peace of this country nigeria

  3. how heartless people can be.this world is full of hatred..if you have not sinned cast a stone on this woman said Jesus, they could not because they have all sinned..when someone eats human body is it normal? no, he is possessed by evil spirits. he needs deliverance in the name of muslim and christian don’t you ask God for a second chance?…if you are of the world then you are in the position to crucify but if you are of God you are born with humility and meek heart and you will never crucify another because we are all sinners..Greatest commandment earth is LOVE..where is your love to a brother. we fight not against the flesh but the spirit beings..your best is asking God to forgive him and accept his Soul..God hears the prayer of His people..