Constitutional Amendment: Islamic Scholar Urges National Assembly to Legalize Shari’ah

Credit: BBC

An Islamic scholar, Ustaz Umar Yakub, has called on the National Assembly to legitimise Shari’ah law for Muslims only as part of the ongoing constitutional amendment. He made the call while rounding off his Ramadan Tafsir at the Kaduna road, G.R.A. mosque in Bauchi metropolis.

According to him, the incorporation of the Islamic legal system in the amended constitution would guarantee the rights of Muslims to practice their religion unhindered. And he believes that this will not in any way infringe on the rights of followers of other religions in the country.

The Islamic scholar urged Shari’ah implementing states in the North to fear Allah by ensuring full implementation of all judgements passed by the various Shari’ah courts since its introduction. He then advised those saddled with the responsibility of implementing the code in defaulting states to resign their positions if they could not implement the legal system.

Shari’ah law was first introduced in the country in Zamfara State in 1999 amidst a lot of controversy. Right now, a total of twelve Northern States are practising Shari’ah. The states are: Sokoto, Jigawa, Niger, Zamfara, Yobe, Kaduna, Katsina, Borno, Bauchi, Kano, Kebbi, and Gombe.



Source: Vanguard


  1. wen nigeria was 1st created, d nigeria creat d Northern state alone? Did ISLAM TEACH DEM DAT killing of christians will make dem ACHIVE THEIR AIM?

  2. Usatz Umar, you have succeded in saying nothing because this country will not be islamized for any reason. If the National Assembly has the power to spilt this entity then they should save us the energy of misusing our lips.

  3. He should rather talk His colleagues to desist from shameful acts like bombings. Sharia law is a law that has some acts that judges humans rather than allow their god to do so. (like cutting the hand of an acclaimed fornicator) Lets keep that aside. Who will wanna listen to you in the mist of radical killing of innocent masses in the name of your religion. Yes, you might want to defend it by saying – they are misinterpreting your Qua-ran but how come no other religion seems to misinterpret their and attack the innocent masses including women and children. Abort please. we have enough Laws guiding our country. You’d better come work with your fellow citizens and protect our laws. Except you want to give us reasons to suspect you.

  4. You have spoken well,but if you want sharia laws to be practice among Muslims in nigeria,are you telling us that the sharia laws will supersede the nigerian constitution,though you said for Muslims only,then what you are implying is that we should split among ourselves because a regional law can not supersede a country’s law,mr islamic scholar you better think & consult learned people before you open your mouth and look like stark illiterate.


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