Dangote Recruiting Truck Drivers, Only Graduates Need Apply: Any Big Deal?

The Dangote Group recently announced about two thousand vacancies for truck drivers in the organization for its newly established Super Fleet. The organization said it did not need experienced truck drivers as successful applicants will be duly trained by the organization.

However, what has sparked a lot of controversy is the fact that the organization wanted only graduates for this special position. Some Nigerians believe this is too demeaning for Nigerian graduates. An excerpt of the group’s advert is presented below:

The Academy has just initiated a project called, “The Drivers Academy” which aims at recruiting and training 2,000 Nigerian graduates to become professional heavy vehicle drivers for the newly established Super Fleet of the Group. This initiative will assist to uplift the operating standards in road transport industry, promote entrepreneurship and open up career opportunities.

The ideal Candidate should:
• Have a B.Sc., HND, OND or NCE certificate (in any discipline)
• Not be less than 25 years of age
• Be physically fit
• Be responsible and mature
• Not necessarily have prior driving experience

All forms of condemning statements have been made concerning this programme, but most of them have no solid arguments against it. Meanwhile, another school of thought believe it is a welcome development, considering what a lot of road users currently suffer in the hands of the current crop of truck drivers on Nigerian roads. Others also argued that some Nigerians who have even better qualifications and travel abroad in search of “greener pastures” do worse jobs! What do you think?

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  • Is that the best job dangote can offer sm1 that has spend so many year in skul 2 build a future,and nig govt would watchin,Truck driver that has no work moral value,Can he dangote gve his children or 1 of his closet blood truck 2 b driving in d context of dis nig road?

  • Sulyman its not by force. Go work in your father’s company. Your legion of “gbagauns” makes it obvious that our educational institutions would do better at training conductors than minds that can help our situation. Thumbs up for dangote. Pips, Its an invitation to treat; applying for the job is an offer so nobody should complain. Go and create your own business and employ agberos that will drive like they are sitting on there cranium.

  • In a bid to reduce unemployment facing Nigerian Graduates, we thank Dangote Group. however, we were told that in this our country, there was a time companies were going from University to University booking for students to take up Executive positions. We were also told that our graduates rank among the best in the world. But today, graduates have become object of carricature. History will not forgive those who turned our economy and society the way they are today.

  • For real! Is this meant to celebrate or ridicule the quality of our educational system?
    What a shame!
    Although, we can condemn the private firms for their actions or in-actions but if the Government at all levels rises to their responsibilities situation like can not and will not exist.

  • Dangote is not 2 b blem, it’s never his fault. The Fed. Govt dat cannot create job opportunity 4 our graduates & also OBJ 4 monopolizing major of our production 2 one individual & dat is why he tell us what 2 do fix market price we have no choice & then prefer graduate as truck drivers. Nigeria youths, our future is in our hands.

  • at least it will reduce d rate of unemployment of graduate in d country .
    99% of unemployed graduate study useless course in Nigeria , take 4 instance we have about 30,000 political science student n about 10,000 psychology student how many of d politician in Nigeria today study political science or psychology in school ?
    Tank u Dangote for d offer but we also nid sometin more beta .

  • employing graduate as truck drivers in ur organisation is actually not a bad idea as most of our graduate dojobs dat are even worst outside the country.i think it a good thing provided that the sarlary is something befiting to a graduate. we have graduate driving cranes in construction site so pls there is nothing to it.

  • it sounds ridiculous. but still better than to seat for many years at home after graduation with out job. i believe that this opportunity is meant for unemployed graduates and others who think that this opportunity is better for them than where they are currently engaged. this calls on Nigerian Government to tackle the unemployment in the Nation. No one know what could be the next. to be frank, it is an opportunity which has negative impression about Nigerian work condition, mostly to the other countries.

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