Darkness Looms as PHCN, NLC Might Commence Nationwide Strike Next Week

A lot of Nigerians would have noticed, in the last few days, the slight interruption to the consistent supply of electricity that they have been enjoying in the past few weeks. That was as a result of a strike embarked upon by the staff of the PHCN, but which was eventually suspended following the commencement of negotiation between the PHCN and the FG.

However, since the negotiation process had ended in a deadlock, fresh information emerging from the quarters of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the PHCN workers have indicated that the workers of the PHCN, in collaboration with the NLC will be embarking on strike as from Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012.

According to the NLC, through its Acting President, Promise Adewumi and Acting General Secretary, Chris Uyot, who spoke to the press on Friday in Abuja, they have concluded arrangements to call workers in the country out on industrial action as solidarity with workers of the Power holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN.

In this line, the congress said, it had set up strike mobilisation committees across the country, preparatory to the planned strike which it said, would commence immediately if there was deadlock in their meeting with the government on Wednesday, next week. The NLC also pointed out that the FG has reneged on its demand that soldiers should be called off from the PHCN facilities as well as immediate payment of July salary to all PHCN workers.

The NLC statement reads: “We call on the Federal Government to do the needful by creating the enabling environment for a meaningful dialogue to resolving the issues by calling the Minister of Power to order, withdrawing soldiers from PHCN offices nationwide, and setting up a high powered committee to sincerely address the legitimate concerns of the PHCN workers.”

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  • Can we all ignore this silly call for strike and gently go about our regular business, I remember some weeks ago when long serving staff were sacked by Mainstreet bank with no Pay, what did NLC do about it? If u want to fight for NEPA staff, fight for all

  • If PHCN like let dem be on strike, it will not make a diff cos i really dnt knw if dey are not on strike now. As far as am concernd dey are always on strike everyda..Dey shuld jst allow us hear word joooor….

  • Absolute rahbish..they wnt 2 go on strike bkoz..FG..wntz 2 privatiz d power sector…bkoz wen private sec cum in..there wil b no rum 4 nepa any more…wickerd set of 9jirianz…whom wnt 2 eat alone..mak em gt awt joore..

  • PHCN are like blind man that complains that darkness has come, when the day was bright what did he see? When they were not on strike no light so if they go on strike it makes no difference to Nigerians.

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