Was Going With Kanye West The Right Choice For D’banj?

The story of the talented super star Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is one of the numerous stories that justify the saying, ‘it is better to rein in hell than to serve in heaven’.
The super star had a kingdom in Mo’hits where he was also the king but he left it like the prodigal son in search of a greener pasture in foreign land. Luckily for him, he fell into Kanye West’s ‘Cruel Summer’.
A few unanswered question which from all indication eluded the star includes ‘will I ever be accepted like I was in my former kingdom’, ‘will this culture accept my type of music’, ‘will I be able to break the racism barrier bound to meet me’? These and more questions he should have asked himself before taking the hasty decision.
With the release of Kanye’s new album cover, our fears came to manifest. D’banj never made it to the outer poster, his image only appeared vaguely at the bottom left hand corner of the inner poster. This is something that would never have happened in the re-branded Mo’hits records. Are they trying to tell us he is no better than those that made it to the cover poster?
It is true groups are bound to split someday because brothers do part ways too but we should always be cautious to avoid taking regrettable hasty decisions. We all just hope you have a PLAN B well mapped out because it may come in handy.

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  • Lack of content to one’s achievement and self-worth can lead one to doom,and desperation they say is the mother of all crimes; D’banj shouldn’t have been desperate to make himself and his music go global,cause with time he would definitely be there,but he was not patient enough. He shouldn’t have associated himself to a satanist,an illuminatti slave and agent. I pray that GOD help and bring him out of the mess he has gotten himself into. Going with Kanye West was the wrongest choice ever.

  • I hope it does not mark the end of his music carear. However, it probably took those who appeared in the front cover same hell before their picture appeared their. So with hard work and good music, not the ajegunle, jump jump music, he can make it to the BOTTOM LEFT CONNER OF THE MAGAZINE COVER. lol

  • I for one never liked the idea of him being a tag in Kanye’s record label but I believe it’s too soon to conclude it’s over for his reign. He hasn’t adapted that much to the international way and I’m sure it’s gonna take some modifications and re-branding in his kind of music. If he ever has the grace of a second chance, I bet he will think it twice and over before consents. It was such an egocentric decision, sweet at the start but it’s starting to get sour. A big lesson to up and coming artistes.

  • too early for all this there are many musician in kanye west record label that are not on the cover page,i think u pple shld just leave dbanj alone and let him concentrate on his musical career instead of this campaign against dbanj.

  • Hello Raphael….I fore one will call u an idiot before I begin to tell u what u don’t know…#1 dbanj never left Mohit donjazzy called it quit and let’s even take it that he left….how long do we stay in our comfort zone?he has won evey award there is to be won in Africa and a dearing nigerian(the same guts that brought him back to naija) he decided to go back west…and was able to make it to d top10 in uk, top5 in greece etc. Wld he have been able to do that staying with Mohit? No one has done that yet and we wait for the first artist to…
    This is just one point n I’m leaving u with ur ignorance @ dis junture

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