Death Toll of Okene Church Shooting Reaches 20, as another Attack on a Mosque in the Town Leaves 4 Dead, Including 2 Soldiers

At least four people have been confirmed dead in another attack on the Central Mosque in Okene Kogi State. This attack is coming barely one day after an attack on worshippers in a church left at least 16 people dead.

Meanwhile, fresh reports on the Monday attack on the church have revealed that additional four people have died, increasing the death toll of that attack to twenty. However, the Tuesday attack on the Central Mosque in Okene town has left at least four people dead – two soldiers and two of the attackers.

Sources reported that the attackers were dressed in white robes and drove in a Hilux Jeep to the Central Mosque close to the Okene Local Government Council secretariat while the Tasfir prayer was about to commence.

According to eyewitness account, a soldier stationed at the entrance of the mosque gunned down two of the attackers before they could proceed with their attack. But the soldier and another of his colleague were also killed in the ensued crossfire with the gunmen whose number could not be ascertained.

The rest of the attackers that survived the gunfight were said to have escaped in the same Hilux Jeep before the arrival of other security agents.


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